Designers’ Insight into Picking a Livingroom Paint Color

Living room paint color

The internet is awash with blogs and articles listing the best colors for interior rooms, including the bedroom. And, it’s not too bad. In any case, many people don’t have the time to “create” their own colors.

However, what if you’re different? What if you don’t want to use the templates everything is using and desire something unique instead?

It’s not easy because most people aren’t good with colors. But it’s always worth trying as the results can be so satisfying. Moreover, searching for a unique paint color for your rooms can get your creative juices flowing and help you jog your mind.

Ready to give it a try? Below, we explore different strategies and methods top designers use to pick living room paint color.

Find inspiration somewhere, anywhere

One of the first things you need to do when attempting to pick a living room paint color is to find inspiration. The only problem is that there’s no single place with all the inspirations you may desire.

So, what do you do? Look everywhere. Be open to recommendations from magazines, catalogs, friends, social media, the internet, and every other place where you can learn a thing or two about paints and paint colors.

yellow livingroom

Use color theory for additional ideas

Color theory is straightforward. You don’t require any special skills to use it. Instead, all you have to do is draw (or print) the color wheel and begin playing around with the colors.

Create your own color wheel on a canvas with real paint, starting with the three basic colors, and create as many new colors as possible to populate the wheel, following the rules of color theory. The new colors will open your eyes to the world of possibilities and help you identify what you like and don’t like.

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color theory

Find out how to use neutral colors creatively

Many people love neutral colors for indoor wall paint, and it’s understandable because neutral colors make decoration easy. However, a single neutral color on all four walls plus the ceiling can make the space look pretty boring. So, spend some time learning how to creatively use neutral colors.

For instance, if going for an all-neutral look, layering multiple hues of the same color can unleash a classy and sophisticated look. Alternatively, you can use neutral as a background.

neutral colors

Pull your color scheme from existing décor

Look around you. What color do you see the most? If you can pick out a distinct color from the existing décor, that’s probably one of your favorite colors. Otherwise, why do you have lots of it in the living room? So, go with it.

Alternatively, if you have large patterned upholstery, such as a patterned rug or piece of artwork, pluck your colors from the pattern. Even if you love neutrals, see if you can pick out neutrals in the existing patterns.

Pull your color scheme from existing décor

Consider dark-to-light vertical decoration

One of the best ways to decorate a room with minimal risk is to use dark color values on the floor, medium color values on the walls, and light color schemes on the ceiling.

Designers say it replicates the world outside. For example, when standing outside on a normal/bright sunny day, the ground below your feet is darkest. Then the middle level (eyesight level) is filled with buildings and items colored in medium tones. Finally, the sky is the brightest. Following the same design indoors makes your environment seem natural and harmonious.

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Consider dark-to-light vertical decoration

Take a cue from your clothes

Most people buy clothes in the colors they like. For instance, if you find that you have a lot of blue tops, it’s because you love the color blue. And if it’s pink, then pink could be your favorite. These color choices can help you pick the perfect living room paint color.

For instance, if you notice that yellow is the reining color in your wardrobe, you’ll likely love a yellow shade on your living room walls.

blue livingroom

Look for ideas outside the house

A common mistake many people make today is spending 90% of their time indoors. It seriously limits your imagination and prevents you from meeting new people and experiencing new adventures that may inspire your paint color choices.

For instance, you may come across the most beautiful living room décor at a friend’s place. Or you can get décor inspiration from nature. The point is to get off the sofa and experience the outdoors to see what lies beyond your home.

livingroom with plants

Other Options

There are many other places to find inspiration for living room paint color. For instance, history books and historical events can open your mind to new imaginations. You can also explore artwork at galleries. However, if all else fails, go back to the basics and find a way to blend blacks, greys, and whites to create a comfortable living space.

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