How to modernize Your Kitchen Easily

A woman modernizing a black and white tiled kitchen.

The kitchen has become the key room of a house, when it comes to having a family get-together or friends over. It has surpassed the living room in the capacity to receive guests, for its warmth and its sentiment of joining people together, over cooking a good meal. Therefore, your kitchen might need an update, if it hasn’t been renovated in a while. Here are the principal ingredients to help you modernize your kitchen.

Replace the Wall with Aluminium Sliding Glass Doors

There is no better way to modernize a kitchen than to let the sun come flooding in. Today’s homes are open to the outside. In winter, you want to be able to watch your garden, as it gently fills-up with snow, while in summer, you can invite everyone for a perfect Sunday Brunch with the doors wide open, so that everyone can come in and out, as they please.

Aluminium sliding glass doors will do the trick, as they can adapt to any length and height that the adjacent wall to your garden may be. Of course, you will need to protect them from harm from various flying objects, as well as against uninvited guests. That is why you need to install anti-burglary blinds, which will also serve at night, when you want to close yourself off, from the rest of the world.

Change the Flooring

When we think of renovating, we most often think of changing the colours of walls or the furniture that fits inside the room. However, the most important change you can make, is by renewing the flooring. In the case of the kitchen, and since you will now have opened it up towards your garden, you should redo the floors of the terrace at the same time, so that they can be linked together. They don’t necessarily have to be the same, since one is located indoor and the other needs to be for all weather. But they do have to match so that there is a certain logic when you are coming in and out, during the warmer months.

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Give the Tone of the Kitchen by painting the Smallest Wall in a Darker Colour

A kitchen needs to be bright. If you have taken down the wall and replaced it with aluminium sliding doors, it is certainly not to bring it back to the dark ages, by painting a few walls in a somber colour. However, let the smaller of them speak for the rest. In fact, let it shout precisely what the mood of your kitchen is supposed to be. You want it to feel Nordic? Choose a dark blue or even black (if the wall is really small). You want it to bring a happy feeling to anyone walking in? How about choosing in-between a darker yellow to a lighter red. These are colours that shine brighter, when the sun hits them in full day. Whichever one you decide, keep in mind that it will remain there for a while. So if you tend to be moody, a bright colour might quickly become aggressive to your senses.

Open Up the Space

No chef likes to cook in a kitchen that doesn’t offer the necessary space to cook freely. However, this also implies that all the tools needed to cook should also fit in this same room. Many of the traditional kitchens from before favoured the second part of the equation over the first one. But the reverse is the general rule, today. This means that you will have to get rid of all these cupboards that reach all the way to the ceiling. After all, when is the last time that you actually got up on a chair to check what was on the last shelves? In fact, you may find many interesting things when you take them down, from another era, most certainly.

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In conclusion, make sure that your kitchen will feel cozy and warm, once renovated. In the end, that is what everybody will look for, when they sit around the table to chat about life and various other subjects. People want to feel welcomed in a kitchen. The best way to do so, is to involve them in cooking. Even though the expression “too many cooks spoil the soup” is certainly quite true… But where is the fun in being all alone in a big kitchen, right?

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