Easy Steps To Maintain Your Engineered Wood Flooring

A bedroom with wooden floors.

Engineered wood flooring used to have a bad image. It was seen as the cheap version of real wood flooring. However, while the classic wood flooring, such as that provided by this specialist in herringbone flooring Sydney, is hard to beat, engineered wood flooring has come a long way.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring

Real wood flooring has the warmth of wood. The floor is made from solid wood, giving the right image and high-durability. In contrast, engineered wood flooring has layers of timber boards molded or glued together to create the strength needed in flooring. On the very top of this is a thin veneer of real wood. It has the look of real wood and the warmth, but it’s significantly cheaper. Of course, it’s also not as durable.

However, with the right maintenance, engineered wood flooring can last for many years. It’s also a good option for the environment.

Brush Regularly

Engineered wood flooring is relatively easy to scratch. This means you need to eliminate any components that can scratch it. Much of the debris that can harm is carried in by your feet, that’s why the first step in protecting your engineered wood floor is removing your shoes when you enter the house.

Sweeping regularly will also help to minimize debris and the risk of damage. The key is to use a microfiber cloth on the end of your mop head, instead of an actual brush. This is soft enough not to damage the floor and actually attracts dust, helping to keep your floor looking great.

Damp Mop

You need a flat bottomed mop, the traditional string head mop will not do. This is because the string head mop retains too much water. When you mop your engineered wood floor you want to do it with as little water as possible.

The water should have a cleaner in it that is specially designed for engineered wood floors. This will ensure it doesn’t have harsh chemicals that can damage the real wood finish. Follow the instruction on your cleaning agent and always test it in a small area first.

Clear Up Spills Fast

Engineered wood floors are generally resistant to spills but only for a short period. If you don’t clear it up quickly it will soak into the wood. This is likely to cause a stain and damage your flooring. It will be difficult or impossible to remove these stains.

If something is split garb a clean cloth and dab the area to remove the spill. You should never rub as you’ll push the liquid into the wood, effectively making the problem more severe.

Repair Kit

Finally, it is possible that engineered wood can be chipped, especially if the joints are not perfect. Once the flooring is cracked or chipped debris can get caught and moisture absorbed, damaging the entire floor.

To prevent this you can get a repair kit that is color-coded to your floor. Repair the damage as soon as possible to protect your floor. You’ll need to follow the instructions on the repair kit.

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