Great Garage Storage Solutions that Will Organize Your Life 

A garage with excellent storage solutions.

The garage seems like an empty cave when you first move into a new home, and it’s uninhabited by anything other than space. There’s a part of you that wants to keep it that way, but before you know it, the big square area is filled not only with your vehicle or vehicles but all sorts of landscaping equipment and junk you can’t seem to get rid of. 

You can build shelving and even install an overhead garage storage rack, but you constantly need more storage space. According to a new article, storage spaces are said to be the most difficult of all the spaces you will attempt to organize. After all, they need to fit a lot of junk, and many spaces are strangely shaped. 

It’s normal to find storage space in kitchen cabinets, basements, and garages, but it’s more challenging to find other spots that aren’t already filled, such as your home’s closets. However, the entire house seems to run more smoothly when storage spaces are organized.   

So then, what space should you place the most emphasis on when it comes to storage solutions? The experts almost all agree on the garage, and here are some great garage storage solutions that promise to organize your life. 

Fill Vertical Spaces with Shelving

Garages offer lots of vertical space. If you have a lot of stuff to store, you can use a wall-mounted shelving system that can potentially reach the ceiling. The IKEA “BOAXEL” system is a good choice for this, and it’s also a shelving system install you can DIY.

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Track Systems for Awkward Items

Many items, such as rakes, spades, shovels, axes, pickaxes, saws, weed whackers, and more, are awkwardly shaped and won’t fit well on a shelf. For oddly shaped equipment, you should go with a track system that can be mounted to the wall. 

Track systems contain dozens of attachments and hooks that will store and hold just about any tool.  

Use Hooks to Remove Bulky Items from the Concrete Floor

To the experts, one of the keys to organizing your garage is removing as many objects from the floor as possible. This will keep the area much neater and cleaner. It will also give mice and other rodents nowhere to hide. 

For instance, if your kids have hockey equipment, you can use hooks to store them on some wall space to free up the floor. This gives you plenty of room for the family car and for moving around without the danger of tripping over something. 

Metal Shelving Units

You can invest in sturdy metal shelving if your garage is constructed with concrete block walls that can’t handle hooks or wall-mounted shelving. Metal shelves also work equally well in the garage, and it’s perfect for storing heavy tools, and it won’t warp and possibly fall over like less sturdy plastic shelving units. 

Metal shelving units cost a little more, but they last seemingly forever, making them a great investment. You also never have to worry about them falling on you since they can hold massive weight while remaining balanced. The perfect idea for storing paint cans, tiles, and roofing materials. 

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Organized Toolboxes for Garage and/or Basement

Tools such as those required for plumbing and electrical projects can be stored in organized toolboxes in the garage or the basement. Keeping the many different types of screws needed for different projects in divided containers makes life a lot easier when you’re in the middle of a repair. 

Pegboards Come in Handy

Pegboards are great when it comes to storing small and light items, and they are also very practical since the items they hold are plainly visible. You can also use pegboards to create small workstations in the garage. These are perfect for storing your home office and/or cleaning supplies. 

Opaque Bins

According to experts, opaque bins are the perfect solution to storing “unsightly items” like toilet fixtures, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, diapers, and more. If neighbors often walk through your garage to access the house, you don’t want these items stored in clear bins. 

Labels Help with Discoverability

Simply said, labels help you find precisely what you’re looking for in no time. Labels are not only a practical solution to keeping your stuff organized, but they are also said to be “cute.”

You can purchase a label-making machine at your local big box hardware store for relatively little money. They are said to last a long time without malfunction also. Labels make life so much easier when you’re in a rush to find something.

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