Here are Some Tips for Organizing Closets

A closet with a lot of clothes and shoes, in need of organizing.

Don’t you know what to do during these days that you will spend at home? We’ll give you ideas! Take advantage of these ideas to organize closets and have your perfect clothes with these tips. You more than anyone know the time it takes to order the closet and have it impeccable. However, now that we all have to take responsibility and spend more time at home, you can spend more time organizing your clothes. Do you dare? Just keep reading until the end. 

Why organize your closet?

Does the phrase “I have nothing to wear” ring a bell? This phrase arises as a result of disorder. There is nothing better than opening the doors of your closet and finding the clothes the first time, right? The ideal would be to order the wardrobe daily and thus prevent the clothes from wrinkling or ending up in the bottom. To encourage you during these days at home to order your closet, we tell you the 3 benefits of having your clothes well organized:

It helps us get rid of what we no longer use:

Organizing our closet will allow us to get rid of the clothes that we no longer use and save those that are in season. Winter clothing tends to be bulkier, take the opportunity to store it separately and gain space in your closet. Take care of the environment and donate or recycle the clothes you no longer need. The more you can sort, the better it is. You shouldn’t have a habit of piling up clothes you don’t need anymore. You will be wasting storage space in vain.

Best quality of clothes:

Do you remember the smell and freshness of your clothes when they come out of the washing machine? If we keep it in a dry, tidy place and with the right products, that freshness and quality will last longer.

We avoid the appearance of moths and humidity:

If we keep our closet controlled and ventilated, we will avoid the appearance of moths and humidity that end up spoiling our clothes. These are just 3 benefits, but there are many more. The complicated thing is to be able to keep the wardrobe this careful, but don’t worry because we are going to show you how.

It will be easier than you imagine. Take advantage of these days and put into practice the following tips to organize your closet:

Before tidying up, empty and clean the closet

Before tidying up, it is important that you empty the closet and clean it. This way you will keep your clothes clean and you will clearly see the space you have available. The cleanliness of the closet really determines the condition of the clothes you store. How can you expect stored clothes to stay in good condition if you don’t clean your storage space first? That’s not possible!

Get rid of what you don’t use

Do you really use all the clothes you have saved? Keep the ones you like and get rid of the rest. You can donate your clothes in specific containers in your city or on platforms expressly dedicated to this cause. It’s just a matter of finding the one you like the most, and writing down these ideas to organize closets. Take advantage of the upper part of the closets for seasonal clothes. Keep winter clothes in the least accessible spaces in the closet. You won’t use it until next year.

Divide the garments by types

Pants, shirts, t-shirts… Create little piles of clothes by categories, so you will have a very clear idea of ​​what space each one needs. You can split even more! If you organize by colors (light, dark tones…) it will help you find the garment you need on a daily basis and avoid always repeating the same outfit. You can use this storage bag as it has quite ample storage space.

Less clothes hanging and more folded

We tend to hang up all our clothes, and it’s not always the best idea. Hang only the clothes that need to be hung (shirts, blouses, jackets…). Fold the rest of the clothes and store them by category, you will gain more space, you will see how it is one of the ideas to organize closets that works the most. Good clothing storage management determines how well you can store and how easily you can access them. On the other hand, without good storage management, you will turn your closet into a kind of warehouse for used goods.

Arrange clothes vertically

When it comes to arranging clothes in drawers, we tend to do it horizontally, one shirt on top of the other. In this way it is difficult to easily access all of them. Place them vertically, you will gain space and have a generic view of everything you have. The 4/6 PCS Drawer Organizer can help you arrange the clothes vertically. 

Do not abuse storage solutions

Storage methods such as boxes, compartments, separators usually achieve the opposite, if you abuse them they tend to complicate order. It is a wise move if you rely on quality storage. They may be slightly more expensive but offer greater satisfaction. Based on our experience, we can recommend this 25 PCS drawer organizer set.


Now that you know all the tips to organize closets and keep them perfectly tidy, we encourage you to take advantage of these days at home to get down to work. You can also involve the little ones, separating clothes by color can be an entertaining activity for them. In addition, you will get them to participate in household chores and value the importance of order and cleanliness from an early age.

Make sure that the clothes you store are clean and dry, in this way you will avoid moisture in the closet and maintain the quality and freshness of all your clothes. We hope these tips were useful. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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