Home Fire Damage and Carpet Restoration

A purple blower for home fire damage and carpet restoration with the word max storm on it.

Fire damage is something that can ruin the quality of the items in the home, the home itself and of course, the air quality. Even the smallest of fires, including burning popcorn in a microwave, can cause odors that not only stick to the inside of your home, but can be poisonous to those that are living in the home. Not only that, but when there is a serious enough fire to where water is needed, then the fire not only damaged the area, but the water used to put it out, did too. You do not want this to be you. You want to make sure that you go through fire damage restoration and carpet restoration to keep your home back together.

A carpet dryer aiding in carpet restoration after home fire damage.

Restoring Your Home From the Fire and Water Damage

Air movers are great for removing the odors and gasses from the home from anything that has been burnt, but they can also be ideal when it comes to removing the water from the carpets and other areas that were sprayed while trying to get the fire out. You can also reassure yourself by placing a dehumidifier in the area to remove any moisture that might be found in the air.

With the right air mover and water damage restoration process, not only can you remove most of the moisture and odor from the air, as well as fumes and gasses, but you’re able to find the extent of the damage. Oftentimes, the carpet in the room where the fire was put out will have to be replaced. This can be done easily, but the floor underneath it should be completely dried so that the new flooring does not soak up this moisture from the previous carpet.

House Locks that Are Easy to Bypass

A red and black air purifier on a white background for home fire damage restoration.
Be prepared and ensure that the moisture and wetness is removed from the home, so you can go on back to living your life.

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