Home Security Tips for the Winter Season

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You already know home security is essential in the prevention of burglary, but that’s not all. Home security promotes safety no matter where it originates from. There are a host of season-specific dangers and homeowner obstacles, and with winter right around the corner, it’s best you’re prepared. Here are some must-know tips you can use to prevent left and season-related injury or inconvenience this winter.

Prepare Your Home for Winter

The holiday season comes with a ton of homeowner dangers. It’s imperative you are ready for all that winter has to offer, be it snowfall and icy weather or gusty winds and power outages. If you live in an area where power outages are common, stock up on lanterns, batteries and headlamps.

Prevent gutter clogs once the rain comes and give them a good clean. The same could be said for walkways and paths. Make sure you have a good snow shovel if you expect considerable amounts of snow this winter. Also, turn off external water faucets so your pipes don’t freeze and burst. While these tasks may not seem connected to home security, a well-maintained home looks more inhabited and is, therefore, less likely a target for burglars.

Holiday Travel Precautions

The holidays are a time of travel for many people and families. If you plan on a trip this or any holiday season, take these precautions. First, alert people nearby you trust that you’ll be out of town. Whether nearby family, friends or nice neighbors.

While it’s not their responsibility to make sure your home is secure, at least they will know you are gone and can alert authorities if they see activities in your house that don’t match your plans. Second, never advertise on social media that you’ll be gone — that’s as good as an invitation to a burglar. Of course, it’s sharing pics of your fabulous holiday vacation is part of the fun, but wait until you’re back home before you show it off.

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Burglar Deterrent

Most thieves are opportunists; they want an easy target. It only makes sense that they wouldn’t want you to be home. Take these simple steps and give burglars the impression of a well-guarded house. First, get a security sign. Just the sight of an alarm deters the more cowardly burglars. Second, make sure there are lots of open spaces in your yard, especially close to your house. Shrubs and trees are perfect for hiding spots for nefarious peoples, especially if those shrubs are near windows.

Third, set your lights, or a couple of different lamps, in your home on a time. If a burglar sees lights on in your home they’ll probably pass it up for an easier target. Lastly, a home security camera system not only deters those who may have malicious intent, but lets you keep an eye on your home even when you’re a world away.

Be Prepared on All Fronts

From weather damage to burglar prevention, be prepared for the winter months before the season begins. Prepare your home for the cold and wind, take travel precautions if you have travel plans and take the simple steps above to keep burglars away from your home. Follow these simple tips and the only surprises you’ll have this year will be the neighborhood carolers.

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