House Exterior and Interior Design Inspired by Puzzles

A rendering of an apartment building with unique balcony designs.

Jigsaw puzzles trace their origins back to the 18th century when European mapmakers glued their work onto wood and cut it into small pieces, used for educational purposes. But puzzling as an adult hobby started in the early 20th century, particularly during the Great Depression-era. Even now, turning to puzzles is a great remedy for boredom, sadness, and anxiety. These tactile and entertaining mind stimulators are great diversions from the ongoing screen time streaming in our homes as we make an effort to stay connected to family, friends, and colleagues.

Despite their main purpose of being an entertainment piece, puzzles can be used in many fresh and innovative settings. If you own an old jigsaw puzzle that is missing some pieces, you can put those colorful pieces to use. We’ve compiled a few ideas for jigsaw puzzle inspired interior styles and decoration tips, like crafts, wall decorations with framed jigsaw puzzles for adults, wall art, wall puzzled mirrors, room decor, puzzle decorated carpets, home accessories, and exclusive puzzle-shaped furniture. 

Puzzles are incredible because they bring intriguing shapes not just in the interior but in exterior decoration as well. Puzzle-like style can be found in many contemporary trends in house decoration. It is clean, compelling, and pleasing to the eye. In this article, we will give several great examples of exterior and interior design inspired by puzzles. 

Modern exterior puzzle-like design 

Love for puzzles is not limited only to collecting and puzzling them. They are truly amazing and bring on very interesting shapes into the exterior house design. Today’s architecture and design experts are embracing the playful appearance of puzzles in many house arrangements. Their unique characteristics give house facades a different vibe and ultra-modern expression. 

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A building with colorful puzzle design cubes on it.

Puzzle-inspired exterior design enhances the outdoor space of homes and buildings from the facade to the terraces, and usually, it’s applicative in big residences, gallery spaces, or trendy restaurants. The asymmetrical and exciting design gives overall complexity but there is still a modern and simplistic element as well.

Sometimes experts use puzzle-like design just for one side which gives a new character to the existing building. For people with aesthetic observing eyes, this is a breathtaking and unique approach.

Interior layout and decor inspired by puzzles

Usually, when we discuss interior design, we talk about the aesthetic aspects –  what decorative style is the best option or how to reach a specific look. Currently, there are plenty of new design trends that you could check out but here we offer some intriguing interior styles and decor inspired by puzzles. They can appear great in any space, generating light and playful ambiance in the living room and kids’ room, but they can also have surprising effects in open-plan kitchens, home offices, and entrance designs.

Experts like to use puzzles for creating fascinating color schemes and original interior designs. Wall decorations arranged in puzzle-like shapes give a modern touch, but if you like a more personalized and intimate accent you can craft yourself a unique puzzling mirror from old jigsaw pieces. It is seriously easy to make. Glue the jigsaw pieces on the mirror frame and paint the puzzle pieces in the color of your choice, maybe matching your other furnishings, and then hang it on your favorite wall. You can also paint puzzle pieces on the wall. It will achieve an amazing accent wall design that will be perfect for the kitchen or the entrance wall.

Boost Your Interiors with Color

You can add some puzzle-like arrangement of travel photos on the fridge or get custom-made magnets using family photographs. Through such personalized puzzles, you can celebrate and revisit your favorite memories and add much-needed character to your kitchen.

A white refrigerator covered in a multitude of magnets.

Puzzle piece wall decor

If you own a spare white wall that desperately needs refreshing, you can use your old jigsaw puzzles and make some astonishingly good works of art. There are endless possibilities to include multi-color puzzle pieces into wall decor. Paint your entrance wall or some ceiling wall and place your old pieces of the mismatched puzzle on it as your imagination leads. You will achieve a modern look and will have fun while decorating.

You can also make a unique collection of puzzle piece wall decor to celebrate your family moments. With your choice of photos, dates, and words or special graphics, you’ll be able to tell your family story. The best thing is that you can start with just one or two pieces and add new ones when your family reaches a new milestone.

Puzzles are also a great inspiration for a variety of designs for home and office furniture. That’s why we can see very unique designed pieces like chairs, floor lamps, cabinets, shelvings, and sofas on Design Fairs around the world. Usually, furniture puzzle-inspired designs are composed of modules with varying sizes and shapes, often arranged in a variety of ways matching your needs and preferences. You can make a bed, a table, a sofa, a side table, and several other units using the same modules. This puzzle-inspired design greatly reminds us of the Tetris game and like the game, these individual modules can be put together in different configurations which is very fun for the children. They can discover and experiment with new designs every day.

Decorating with Folding Screens

A vibrant nursery decorated with colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Parting thoughts

There are so many ways to style your house using puzzles or puzzle-like design. Our suggestions vary from designer pieces of furniture, puzzle wall art to crafted puzzle frames, and more. We hope you liked our creative suggestions and ideas on how to improve your exterior and interior house design, to reach a point of ultimate modern and contemporary design. Make sure you keep them in mind next time you’re redecorating your living space.

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