Indoor House Plants and Their Many Benefits

A living room with green plants.

In addition to adding a bit of green to your home, house plants are very important as they filter the air in your home and provide you with fresh oxygen. This keeps carbon dioxide levels regulated as well as lowers the risk of Sick Building Syndrome, stagnant air, and mold.


Three aloe vera indoor house plants on a ledge in front of a window
Aloe (avso).

Aloe grows to be 3ft high x 3 ft wide and needs bright light, 65 – 75°F atmosphere, and moderately dry soil.

Christmas Cactus

An indoor cactus plant with pink flowers in a pot.
Christmas Cactus (cleveland)

This plant has the beauty of a flower with the easy maintenance of a cactus! They grow to be about 8 in x 6 in and needs bright light, 70 – 80°F atmosphere, and moderately dry, well-drained soil.


An indoor dining room with a large table and chairs.
Ficus (thedeskofannie)

Ficus’ seem to be the standard interior plant. They grow to be anywhere between 1 and 12 feet and need medium to bright light, 65 – 75°F atmosphere, and barely moist soil.

Parlor Palm

A dining room with a table and chairs that incorporates indoor house plants for their many benefits.
Parlor Palm (houzz)

Parlor Palms are another classic. They grow to be between 1 and 8 ft and need medium to low light, 55 – 75°F atmosphere, and evenly moist soil.


A room filled with an abundance of potted plants hanging from the ceiling, showcasing the benefits of indoor house plants.
Hoya (thepalmroom)

Hoya grows to be at most 1 foot long and needs medium to bright light, 55 – 75° atmosphere, and moderately dry soil.

English Ivy

A wall mounted planter with succulents for indoor house plants.
English Ivy (Marilyn)

This classic foliage can get up to 1 ft high and 6 ft wide, they need medium to bright light, 55 – 70°F atmosphere, average to high humidity, and evenly moist soil.


An indoor green plant in a wicker basket on a table, highlighting the benefits of house plants.
Dieffenbachia (Pinterest)

While the name may be a mouthful, it is a very common houseplant. It should be avoided in places with pets and babies as chewing on the leaves can lead to numbness and swelling tongues. They can grow to be 3 ft high and need low to medium light, 65 – 80°F atmosphere, and evenly moist soil.

Low-Slung, Low-Profile Interior Design

Cast-Iron Plant

A copper pot with an indoor plant on a table.
Cast-Iron Plant (lumuinteriors)

This nearly indestructible plant is perfect for a busy home that is not always able to care for a high maintenance plant. It is the perfect ‘dark corner’ occupant. It can grow to be 2 ft tall and wide and needs only low light, 45 – 85°F atmosphere, and evenly barely moist soil.

Peace Lily

A potted plant in front of a fireplace, highlighting indoor house plants.
Peace Lily (Houzz)

For those who want a little more color in their plant, peace lilies are ideal. These are also very low maintenance plants needing only low to bright light, 60 – 85°F atmosphere, and evenly moist soil.

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