Kitchen Island Ideas: 5 Sleek Makeover Tips for Any Kitchen 

It’s true! You never hit rock bottom when exploring kitchen island ideas—you realize they can be installed in many unique ways.

And with a variety of options, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to claim that any type of kitchen can savor the comfort of one.

A modern kitchen with orange cabinets and stools, featuring Kitchen Island Ideas.

A modern kitchen with a dining table and chairs.

If you haven’t connected the dots regarding the ongoing island craze then this is the chance to learn what other homeowners are doing with their kitchen space.

First, quit thinking of an island as just extra seating and a table, and see it for what it really is. Let’s start by learning the real perks of one before moving on to kitchen island ideas.

The Many Capabilities an Island Adds to Your Kitchen & Home

A stainless steel island is the centerpiece of this kitchen.

A modern kitchen with a wooden island.

Kitchen islands offer more purpose and appeal to a food preparation area. But that’s just a drop in the bucket, here are more benefits you get;

  1.     More space to store you utensils and cooking equipment
  2.     A social area and extra seating to host “cook mates”
  3.     You get a breakfast bar and
  4.     A make-shift home office
  5.     Extra working space in your kitchen
  6.     Room for an extra appliance, tap, outlets, etc.

A kitchen with white cabinets and a tile floor, showcasing kitchen island ideas.

But while islands boast many pros, what you get depends on your space, current kitchen arrangement, island design, priorities & preferences, and so on.

Your space and kitchen arrangement matters because you don’t want to interrupt the cooking triangle or compromise on safety.

A green kitchen island in a modern kitchen.

And of course whatever your preferred design and whatever you feel your kitchen needs matters because in the end it’s all about you.

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Kitchen Island Ideas to Consider

A kitchen with a table, chairs, and a painting on the wall, ideal for kitchen island ideas.

Here are a few unique kitchen island ideas to try out;

1. A Restaurant-style Tiny Kitchen Island

A kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a white cabinet.

The classic restaurant kitchen unit is made of a simple metal-and-wood counter with storage room underneath.

And you can make it the theme to your island by adding a simple free standing restaurant counter.

This unit can also multitask as a hosting area when paired with long stools.

2. A centrally-placed butcher-block in your kitchen

A contemporary kitchen featuring a spacious island with incorporated bookshelves.

The butcher-block is an unexpected twist to a home cooking zone but it can form the perfect working place when placed at the center of the kitchen.

Use hardwood and be as creative with your butcher-table. Such kitchen island ideas can contribute further in ensuring your space stands out.

3. Bring back your idle furniture

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Modified Description: A modern kitchen with white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and a kitchen island.

An old or unused dining table can occupy an empty area at the center of your pantry and add it a whole new complexion.

Be creative with bar-height tables or a storage cupboard if you’re after a unique look.

4. Most Islands are fixed, Go for Rolling one

Modern kitchen featuring wooden cabinets and countertops with a kitchen island.

A rolling unit (or one with wheels) is a clever way to blend a kitchen island in your home. We are used to fixed centerpieces, but you diverge from the normal and go with a movable unit.

This kind of unit is also advantageous because you can move it in and out, or here and there, as you wish.

5. A Centrally-lying Storage island

A white kitchen with a centered island and stools, providing kitchen island ideas.

You can build a storage unit at the center of your room to serve as an island. This can be achieved in many different ways, whether through a cabinet or shelf.

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Storage units are a clever way to keep everything away and avoid a crowded kitchen that could hinder your cooking activities.




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