Raised Beds for Easy, Low-Maintenance Backyard Gardens

A garden with raised beds filled with rocks and flowers.

If you are new to gardening, have limited space or if your soil is poor, raised beds are an easy, low-maintenance option for your backyard garden.  You can easily make wood raised beds yourself or purchase them at garden stores.  You can also use stone and other border types to create this garden style.

A backyard garden with raised beds, a fire pit, and flowers.
Raised garden beds flow in this back yard (perfect-diy-ideas)
A backyard with plants in raised beds.
Raised beds make appealing borders (growsonyou)
A wooden stairway with raised beds of plants growing up it.
Multi-tiered containers add visual interest (lushome)
A raised garden bed featuring flowers.
Create different designs with raised flower beds (projectplans.net)

Raised beds along the fence make a wonderful border.  Plant small shrubs, bulbs or fast-spreading ground-cover plants for a low-maintenance enhancement that will give your backyard a beautiful boost throughout the year.  For added interest, vary the height and size of containers or stagger them down if your yard has a natural slope.

A garden with raised beds and a wooden fence.
Raised beds along a fence make a great border (Pinterest)
A raised wooden garden bed.
Raised garden along a brick wall adds color (benlannoy)
A wooden fence with raised beds.
Intermittent benches along the fence add interest to these flower beds (landpointgardens.co.uk)
A raised garden bed with a table and chairs for outdoor dining.
Raised garden makes a perfect outdoor room border (thegreenhead)

Surround the deck or patio with raised beds to create a display of color around these areas.  Accent the beds with potted annual plants on the deck and patio.  You can also construct or install purchased planters on the deck or patio.  Consider installing several levels of raised beds for variety.

A wooden deck with raised beds and a table.
Raised flower beds along the patio look great (Pinterest)
Four raised beds in a garden.
Accent with containers of flowers (outdoortheme)

Create a walk-through garden with a pea gravel base.  Designate an area off to one side or make this the centerpiece of your yard.  Border the area with rock, brick or wood and fill with pea gravel.  Arrange containers to create a pathway between sections for easy access.  Place a few garden benches in the area for a functional accent.

A backyard with a raised bed garden.
A garden as the centerpiece of the back yard (swiftorchid)
A backyard garden with raised beds and a wooden fence.
A beautiful garden to meander in makes everything accessible (perfect-diy-ideas)
A small backyard with raised beds.
Raised garden beds (getsettogarden)

Easy to install and maintain, raised beds can make gardening more easily accessible to even the most novice of gardeners.  For the yard that has less than hospitable soil, raised beds take the back-break out of digging.  Simply purchase soil for use in the containers.  Line raised beds with weed control fabric or even newspaper to cut down on weeding.

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A raised planter in a garden with flowers and shrubs.
Raised flower bed container (swiftorchids)
A raised wooden planter with plants and a fire pit.
Beautiful stained wood makes the perfect container (diynetwork)
A raised garden bed made of wood.
Raised beds the perfect garden for those that like things tidy or have limited space (themicrogardener)
A garden with raised beds and flowers.
Beautiful blooms enhance this raised garden area (garden-photos)

Raised beds are a great alternative for those that desire a tidy garden with less maintenance.  They are easy to install and provide a beautiful enhancement to the backyard.  So, dig in and start your garden project now for summer color.


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