Remodelling After Water Damage

Water damage isn’t a new problem and can happen to anyone. Natural phenomena such as typhoons, hurricanes, and floods are destructive enough to damage our homes. Instances like leaky or faulty pipes and broken dams can also be the reason for water damage.

Water damaged room with ceiling collapse and repair crew.
Water damaged room with ceiling collapse and repair crew.

No matter the circumstances, the process of restoration and remodeling is a must.

Outlined below are some ways to remodel your home after water damage:

Detecting The Source

If the situation is not from the heavy rains, burst pipes or the water coming from the washing machine is the culprit.

It is essential to locate where the water is coming from as soon as possible to avoid growing molds and mildew.

Pay attention to all the gas and electric systems; the homeowner should turn them off before inspection.

Dry It Fast

You need to dry the area and act quickly, whether from the pipes or storms. Take out the furniture and secure it in a safe place to prevent further damage. These molds can grow within 24 hours if the water and moisture are still present.

Carpets and wall stickers can hide moisture, so it is better to remove them immediately. Inspect every corner of your house for hidden moisture. Having fans and open windows is a huge help to speed up the drying process.

Remember that using vacuums is not advisable because it may result in an electrical shock hazard.

Reach Out To Your Insurance Company

Since water damage can be costly and stressful, insurance can save you from spending money and time. Work closely with your insurance agent and get the right advice. Most likely, they will come to your house and check the damage themselves.

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Usually, after the inspection, your insurance company will take care of most of the cost but be ready for minimal expenses.

Look for the Best Local Water Damage Restoration Professionals.

Remodelling your home cannot be done by you alone. It is a long and deep process that includes repairing, mold removal, water damage clean-up, etc. Apart from using advanced technology, these experts have undergone training to detect hidden moisture and fix your house correctly.

In addition, they will educate you and offer the best advice and accurate evaluation regarding your concern. Contact reliable and trusted water damage restoration professionals like Reactic Restoration in San Francisco.

We offer the best mold removal and water damage repair and restoration. We do mold air tests to get rid of all the molds and possible spores that may harm your health, given that some mildews are toxic to humans.

As mentioned, the longer the area has water, the more damage will occur. Reactive Restoration skilled team members are available 24/7 in San Francisco to help you anytime. Our expert water damage clean-up technicians are quick to make the work done.

Consider Upgrading and Strengthen your Inner Home.

Those calamities can happen regardless of time and season in the future. It is always a better idea to check and be prepared. After the flood or water leakage, the most affected areas are the basement and crawl space, a good place for growing and harbouring molds and bacteria.

Cleaning these areas and withdrawing damaged materials are not enough but also need remodelling. Have your walls, leaky pipes, windows, and exterior walls secure. Installation of vapor barriers, sump pumps, and french drains is an ideal way to prevent penetration of moisture and be able to drain the water swiftly to your vicinity.

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Furthermore, doors and windows are necessary to scrutinize as it is not an exception to any water damage even though they are commonly one of the most substantial parts of our home.


Home improvement and renovation after the water damage is the best way to defend against misfortune and calamities.

Always start by pointing out the areas that need to be remodeled or restored. Investing in water-proof, weather-proof, and highest-quality materials can assure us to strengthen our home and lessen the chances of severe damage.

Looking for a trusted and reputable professional to assist you in any water damage around San Francisco?

The company, Reactive Restoration, is more than willing to serve you.

They can provide you with water and fire damage remediation services, including flood damage and clean-up crawl space repair and insulation. Crawl space vapor barrier, visual mold inspection, air quality and surface testing, carpet extraction, etc., to your water-damaged property are also part of their services.

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