Renovation Strategies you need to know: Change that you’ll love for years

A renovated bathroom showcasing a modern toilet and sink.

2020 has helped us realise that it’s time for a change. It’s no surprise that as the kitchen and bathroom are the most used rooms in the house when it comes to remodelling, these are the first ones to change. Whether you’re just planning on changing a few things or going for a full renovation, a bathroom renovation is a great way to start. However, selecting a new look isn’t always straightforward, so we’ve put together renovation tips that will transform your bathroom. Here are 5 ideas for your forever bathroom that will act as an instant inspiration

Forget about Wallpapers

Wallpapers are known to become dull after a while losing its shine. A bathroom with all the moisture can make the wallpaper look tacky making the room look boring. If you’re not confident which tile patterns will stay, this guide is for you. If you want to give your bathroom a luxurious and elegant feel, pair large-format tiles with natural stone and stone-look materials. Tile patterns that have been common for over a century are unlikely to become outdated in the next five years. Subway tiles and penny tiles are two of our favourites.

Bathroom renovation with green tile and gold accents.

Subway tiles are a fashionable minimalist trend of 2021 with many styles, colours, textures, and finishes. If minimal isn’t what you’re looking for, go for cool neutrals such as green or blue or warm neutrals such as beige, tan, caramel shades. For a timeless style, choose penny tiles in pastel and neutral colours with classic material. If you are worried about penny tiles going out of style, worry not. They have been a popular choice for bathroom floors for decades. 

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Black is the new black

Say hello to the best bathroom style of the year: the black bathroom. We’ll convince you if Instagram and Pinterest haven’t already. For a unique look to give your bathroom, go with minimal decor and plenty of patterns. Use matt black faucets, towel loops, and showerheads to achieve this look. Matching black fixtures with lighter-colored tiles is a brilliant way to make a bold contrast.

A renovated bathroom featuring black and white tile and a chandelier.

If you’re looking for bathroom tile ideas, you can never go wrong with subway or penny tiles. Combine abstract patterns and dark colours to break up the gloom. They’re a perfect way to add more personality to your bathroom. Since some homeowners are hesitant to use even darker colours in their houses, charcoal grey or pearl grey are good alternatives. If you are wondering about the cost of bathroom renovation, we have a guide for you. 

White, the classic

Imagine the most luxurious hotel bathroom you’ve ever seen, complete with a beautiful bath, dazzling chrome fixtures, and trendy yet plain tile in all-white or neutral tones. Sticking to a white or off-white colour scheme in the bathroom can seem boring. But white will never go out of style so unless you want to repaint your bathroom every couple of years once the latest trend is over, you’ll go with the classic.

A renovated bathroom with a tub and a mirror.

You’ll have to repaint it to the next colour of the year as blush pink or the new trends of retro tiles and funky features go out of date. With white, however, you won’t have that problem. A pure white bathroom makes a timeless, classic style statement but at times can be difficult to clean at times. With the right design ideas, you can create an elegant bathroom that surpasses trends and last longer.

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Smart Bathrooms

This one’s for you if you are interested in technology and want to achieve a futuristic look. Bathrooms will have smart showers, mini-fridges, and automatic sinks in 2021. Hands-free features on smart toilets, such as self-closing lids and touch-free flushing, eliminate contact with germy surfaces.

In the event of a pandemic, this is an excellent solution. Voice-activated lighting and expanded tv instalments are two other fun phenomena we’ve seen, but the options are limitless. Bathrooms are being upgraded into personal day spas, with modern technology making the process more relaxing and easy than ever. Consider installing a heating panel under the floor as a smart investment.

Autumn inspired

The final one is an autumn-themed theme in honour of our favourite season of the year. Preparing your home for Autumn patterns is an enjoyable aspect of a season’s planning. Choose a colour palette that is bland for the walls and incorporate colour for your fixtures and accessories.

Because of the vintage patterns in your tiles, your bathroom will look fresh and sleek. Warmer colours, such as terracotta, bronze, rust, and caramel, can also be used (very popular choices). Don’t miss the soap dispensers and other fixtures in off-white, pearl and other pastel colours. Inspired already? Are you wondering who can get all this done? Don’t worry we can help you with that too. Get 3 no-obligation bathroom renovation quotes and show off your amazing space to your friends and family.

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