Simple Buying Guide for Silent Windshield Wipers

A car windshield with rain on it equipped with silent windshield wipers.

Almost everything in today’s world produces some level of noise. Home appliances, computers, smartphones, traffic, and everything else around us make sounds. Sometimes, these are discreet, and you don’t even notice them. But sometimes, these sounds can really bust our nerves.

Driving a car has become our daily necessity, so you probably got used to most of the sounds you hear while in the traffic. Still, something you’re not used to is loud windshield wipers. When you turn them on, they produce irritating, squeaking sounds. 

Drivers should change the rubber on wipers every year, and when there is heavy rainfall, even more frequent. There are ways you can extend their lifespan with regular cleaning and maintenance, but if the noise from the blades causes you a lot of trouble, replacing these is a much better solution. 

The rubber on this car part probably has worn out and lost its elasticity. The good news is that now you can find silent windshield wipers that fit the glass surface better, don’t scratch it, and don’t make squeaky sounds.

Modern Materials Play the Vital Role

Car part manufacturers are looking to find suitable materials to make more resilient, more flexible, and quieter blades for cleaning the windscreen. They came up with various rubbery materials that are longer-lasting, durable, heat and cold-resistant, and that won’t damage the windshield.

Quiet windshield wipers became the new norm in today’s modern world. Most drivers probably had enough of that irritating sound our old wipers have made. These blades were made with sponge filling, and when the sponge becomes thinner, it also becomes sturdy. 

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Perform thorough research before deciding which wipers you need since not every blade can fit the windshield of your car. There are a lot of different models in the market in different price ranges. But the first thing you should know before deciding which one to buy is the length you need. This parameter ranges from 15 to 30 inches.

How the technology related to wiping blades has developed over the decades, find out at the link below:

Silent Windshield Wipers on a car.

The Benefits of Noiseless Windshield Wipers

Most of the materials used in the production of modern windshield wipers are various forms of rubber, polymers, and water repellent materials. The blade body is made from different types of plastic or even lightweight ceramics (in luxurious vehicles).

New rubber blades have an ergonomic and simplistic design and are not expensive. These modern windscreen wipers will provide you with silence regardless of the speed you set them on because of the graphic coating. They are crafted to withstand harsh environments like extreme heat and rainfalls, as well as temperatures well below zero. 

An even better option is to use silicone blades. Manufacturers claim that these are currently the best choice on the market, considering the noise level-quality ratio. They are harder to tear apart, but they are not designed for heavy rainfall.

More advantages and disadvantages of silicone blades see below: 

A man silently wipes the windshield of a car.

Thanks to modern production materials, quiet windscreen wipers will remain functional much longer than ones you replaced. Still, the most important benefit you’ll get is that they’ll wipe your windshield entirely. There will be no more mistiness and water stains on the glass during the rain.

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Pay Attention to All the Details before Deciding Which One Is for You

Finding a perfect blade for your vehicle can be a daunting task if you do not know anything about the new models of silent wipers available on the market. So research them all, and ask a dealer about any detail you want to know. That way, you won’t miss out on any crucial aspect regarding this car part, and you’ll know which one to buy.

Not all blades are right for every type of car. Depending on the type and model of your vehicle, you must choose the fitting models as well. Some motors running wipers won’t work with heavier blades. You may end up burning out this tiny engine eventually, which can affect other car systems, and cause further damage. So choose carefully and smartly.

Silent windshield wiper in car.

Water repellent materials are an excellent choice. But make sure you know the dimensions (length and width) of the blades before making the purchase. Most of them are made in aerodynamic shapes, so they won’t set apart, even when they wipe the windscreen on heavy rain, snow, or wind. Also, most of today’s blades have already mentioned upgrade – graphic coating – that helps to reduce the annoying squeaking sound they can make. 

Annoying and loud sounds are something that makes most people nervous and edgy. When it comes to some ordinary things, like windshield wipers, you’re sometimes not even aware of how noisy and irritating these can be. Replacing your current windscreen blades with silent models should help you solve the ‘squeaky’ problem.

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