10 Beautiful Black & White Kitchen Designs

 black and white futuristic kitchen

You know your cooking place needs a reno, but have you considered a black and white kitchen?

True, color is key in interior design. But forgoing the entire rainbow for the common black and white can yield attention-grabbing results as we are about to witness.

Creativity has no limits when blending these colors. Here’s how far you can go;

  1. Try odd shapes like geometric, round
  2. Mix black and white with other materials like wood
  3. Connect your kitchen to your outdoor
  4. Go to the future with futuristic designs

But that’s only the tip of a larger iceberg. Here are your B&W kitchen ideas.

1. Black and white Checks

The B&W checkers in this kitchen gives the floor a spectacular look as the black cabinets break the monotony created by the white walls.

Black and white Checkers decorate kitchen.

2. Black and White Outdoor

Connect your kitchen to your outdoor with B&W. See how black breaks the white boredom and the outdoor creates a natural connection to the environment.

3. Curved B&W kitchen

We are used to black and white in straight shapes but the curving in this masterpiece gives kitchen a more striking look.

Curved black and white design in kitchen.

4. Black, White and Wood

As hinted earlier, black and white doesn’t have to be dull and lonely. This ultramodern kitchen blends just the right amount of black, white and wood for a welcoming look.

Black, White and Wood.

5. Statement Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have proven to pass the test of time now and again. This kitchen combines black old-school drawers with glossy subway tiles for a stunning classic appearance.

Statement subway tiles in B&W kitchen.

6. Typography

Again, B&W dominates this kitchen proportionately, then comes in typography to give a unique look not common in most kitchens.

Typography in kitchen design.

7. Black Floor and White Kitchen

When black rules your floor and then white takes over, the result is a stroke of genius. The floor can be anything as long as it shouts black.

Black floor and white kitchen

8. Futuristic

B&W will still be beautiful in the future. This work of genius uses shades of black to revamp the looks of a dazzling-white kitchen.

White and black futuristic kitchen

9. White quartz countertops and black cabinets

Loved for its sleek and luxurious looks, quartz will continue to be big in 2020. So how about a black and white kitchen with quartz countertops and all-black cabinets like this one?

White quartz and black cabinets in kitchen design.

10. Backsplash black and white

Lastly, you can backsplash your kitchen with B&W— something more like this designer did.

Backsplash black and white in kitchen design.

Closing Up

Which of these top B&W kitchen design suits your needs and budget? Choose wisely to create a kitchen that will inspire your cooking.

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