7 Gorgeous Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas for a Lively Kitchen

Menu Blackboard in kitchen decor

Kitchen wall decor to a kitchen is like statement jewelry to a stylish woman!

It brings the element of surprise to any kitchen’s looks no matter its design, color, layout, construction materials, or space.

There’s no limit to the things you can do decorate your kitchen wall. In essence, personalization is one way to make kitchen wall decor work for your space and design.

With that in mind here are some unique ideas to try.

1. Mock Up or White Blank Space in a Frame.

Leaving a white blank space enclosed in wooden frame is an easy modification with remarkable results. It is also a clever way to avoid decoration disasters and ideal for when you want to decorate without mixing colors.

Mock-up in kitchen deco

2. Old spoons and colorful spices on a board.

The use of old stainless spoons in kitchen deco is not a new idea. But instead of enclosing them in a wall frame, try mixing them with spices, and a use a black background to get the beautiful contrast we see here.

Old spoons and colorful spices on a board.

3. Hanging old-style utensils on a rustic industrial background.

Hanging old-style plates, pots, knives, spoons, etc. on a dull industrial background can form attention-grabbing wall decor in a kitchen.

Hanging utensils in kitchen deco

4. Prominent fruit attached to an antique frame with tape.

While this specific designer uses a banana, you can choose to go any other way.

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Prominent fruit in frame in kitchen

5. Wooden Menu Clipboard with replaceable writing piece.

A conspicuous wooden clipboard is appropriate for your changing menu and excellent for your kitchen wall deco.

Wooden Menu Clipboard with replaceable writing piece.

6. Floating Garden on a bright background.

Just like hanging utensils, plants can form the impression of a hanging garden and bring life to a dull kitchen.

Floating garden in kitchen

7. Wall-mounted veggie & fruit baskets flaunting fresh produce.

Strategically placed fruits and veggies can decorate your unoccupied kitchen wall. A good idea is to mount meshed baskets that flaunt your fresh produce.

Wall-mounted veggie & fruit baskets flaunting fresh produce

8. A Menu blackboard front-lined with Vased flowers.

Go back to basics with an old-school menu blackboard and flower vases.

These are only kitchen deco tips and idea to act as guiding light for your decoration plans. Always feel free to get as creative as you wish.


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