What Shapes And Designs Can A Plunge Pool Be?

A pool with lounge chairs in a backyard.

A plunge pool is a small pool that is usually built for spending time by cooling off or wading. These pools are usually shallow, though deeper pools are also possible. Usually, they are around 4 to 5 feet deep. Plunge pools have been popular because they are smaller, take up lesser space, are cheaper, and are easy to maintain. Plunge pools are usually ready-made pools that can be straight away installed in a home. Earlier, plunge pools were available in concrete or stainless steel. The problems with these models are that they are heavy, and they are not aesthetically pleasing. 

Fibreglass plunge pools are popular today. The pools are ready to fit pools made using top-quality fibreglass. They are strong, easy to fit, and easy to maintain. Most importantly, the use of fibreglass makes the pool look good. It is essentially a mix of the top features of a swimming pool and a hot tub. While conventional plunge pools are more suited for wading, a fibreglass plunge pool can be used even for swimming. 

Why get a plunge pool?

There are many benefits of getting a fibreglass plunge pool in your home. These include: 

  • These pools are attractive and look great in your backyard.
  • They are less expensive than regular pools.
  • Plunge pools made of fibreglass are easy to maintain.
  • Installation is quick, and custom options are available.
  • It is ideal for homes with a small backyard who want a pool that doesn’t take up too much space.
  • The water usage is lesser than regular pools.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • Lesser chemicals are needed for the maintenance of the pool.
  • The pools are available in different shapes, designs, and colours.
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Shapes and designs of a plunge pool

Plunge pools are available in different shapes and designs. Most of them can be custom-built, that is, built according to your specifications. These pools can be placed over the ground or fitted inside the ground. It is even possible to fit the pool partly into the ground. This can be done entirely as per your requirement. The overground plunge pools are the simplest to install. They just have to be brought in and placed on a concrete pad. You need to install steps to enter the pool. 

In-ground swimming pools are where the plunge pool is lowered into an opening in the ground. It can be fully under the ground or partly inside the ground. The completely underground plunge pool would look just like a regular pool. It is the best option in terms of looks and utility. Its costs would be slightly higher compared to the overground pools. 

Once you decide how you want the pool installed, you can then select the shape and design. Some of the common shapes and designs are given below: 

1) Rectangular pools 

These are the conventional plunge pools that are in the shape of a rectangle. They come in different sizes, and you can choose the one that fits in your yard. While usually, the depth remains the same, the length and other dimensions change depending on the model that you choose. Some of the options available in rectangular pools include: 

  1. Plain rectangular pool that you can step into and use. There are no steps or seating available.
  2. Pool with step ledge is an option where a ledge is available in the pool design. With this feature, kids would find the pool safer. They can rest on the ledge while using the pool.
  3. Pool with steps is where a couple of steps are incorporated into the design. This makes it easy to enter the pool. Usually, all plunge pools would have steps and flooring that are slip-resistant. This ensures complete safety.
  4. Pool with seating is a good option if you want to sit in the cold water with your legs in the pool. A bench seat can be made at one end to sit inside the pool. Some designs incorporate the steps and bench together, making it more convenient.
  5. The rectangular pool can have an offset at one side. This allows one section of the pool to be used as a seating area for a kids pool that is shallow.
  6. Lap pool is a plunge pool design that is longer and can be used to swim laps.
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2) Circular pools 

Other than the rectangular design, the circular design is popular. These are perfectly round shaped pools that take up lesser space and are convenient for small backyards. Oval-shaped pools may also be available that are slightly oblong. This gives more space to swim or wade in the pool. Some of the variants available in circular pools are: 

  1. Open pool that is round in shape with no seating options. It makes optimum use of space.
  2. Round pool with seating has semi-circular seating at one end of the pool. The bench can be used to sit and relax and also to enter the pool. There can be levels of steps in this pool type.
  3. Oval round pool would have more space due to the design shape. It can come with steps or without.

3) Freeform pools 

Freeform plunge pools are also offered by some manufacturers. These pools have a freeform design that takes up lesser space than rectangular pools. These pools can come with steps or without. It is even possible to have one end of the pool as a spa. 

A fibreglass plunge pool is one of the best options if you want a pool in your house. This pool comes in different types and designs. You can refer to the different options listed here to help you shortlist the one best suited for your home. It is the most convenient type of pool that you can get for your home. Easy to install and maintain, a plunge pool is perfect for small backyards. You will also find the plunge pool to be a cost-effective option compared to a regular pool.

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