Should You Invest in a Tankless Water Heater?

A person adjusting a water heater knob.

There are many water heaters you can choose from on the market today. If you’ve been searching for a new water heater for your home, you might want to invest in a tankless water heater.

Basically, tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand water heaters, heat and provide hot water only when it’s needed. This kind of water heater is different from the standard ones that store water and heat it constantly. Once you turn on the hot water handle on your faucet, cold water will go into the tankless water heater and be heated either by electric coils or a gas burner. Once heated, the water will be ready for use and will flow through the faucet.

Unfortunately, unlike the traditional water heaters, a tankless water heater can be expensive and if you don’t have an extra budget for it, you might think twice about getting one. However, even if the upfront cost is high, there are many reasons why getting a high efficient electric water heater is a must.

If you’re having doubts about investing in a tankless water heater, below are the reasons why you should get one as soon as possible:

Unlimited Hot Water Anytime

One of the major reasons why a tankless water heater is a great investment is that you won’t worry about running out of hot water. Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless ones warm up the water as needed rather than constantly functioning. With that in mind, you’ll get hot water whenever you want without worrying that you might run out of it. You don’t even need to wait for the water to heat up since you’ll be able to use what has been heated.

Low and Easy Maintenance

A traditional tank water heater can be hard to clean. It should be drained periodically, flushed, and scrubbed out. You can use a water softener to prevent buildup at the bottom of your tank, but it won’t need cleaning. Scrubbing may also be a little awkward and can be challenging to clean the whole tank thoroughly.

A tankless water heater, on the other hand, only requires low and easy maintenance. Depending on your unit, it can be descaled with the use of undiluted white vinegar. Chemicals aren’t recommended to use because they can affect your water’s safety. Moreover, the whole process of providing maintenance to a tankless water heater only takes a few hours to complete.

Save Money

 Tankless water heaters have been proven to help you enjoy savings because of their durability and energy efficiency. So, rather than wasting more money on the traditional water heater, you might want to keep your extra money in your wallet with a tankless water heater.

Save Space

Old water heaters that use tanks can be big and take up a bunch of space. Whether space is a problem in your house or you simply don’t like a huge tank taking up more space, tankless water heaters are the best solution.

Typically, a tankless water heater is smaller than a traditional tank and can be mounted on the wall, saving you more floor space. When it comes to where you can install a tankless water heater, you aren’t limited to a specific location because they’re much safer.

A white wall mounted water heater on a green tiled wall.

Last Longer

Generally, a tank-style water heater lasts for over a decade. A tankless water heater, on the other hand, can for two decades or more. The reason behind it is that it doesn’t have to be turned on all the time. Tankless water heaters don’t have to work continually to keep a tank full of hot water.   

Also, a tankless water heater lasts longer because you don’t need to worry about the mineral buildup. In a water tank, the minerals may harden and accumulate at the tank’s bottom, which means the water heater needs to work harder just to keep the water hot. Working harder may cause the unit to wear out more quickly. With tankless water heaters, that’s never a problem.

Do Several Tasks Simultaneously

Several things in your home need hot water—aside from showers, there are your sinks, washing machine, and dishwasher. If you want to perform several tasks simultaneously like running the dishwasher and bathing your child, the hot water in your tank water heater can easily run out. If you do more tasks at once, you’ll run out of hot water.

With a tankless water heater, it’ll provide you an unlimited supply of hot water, enabling you to do various tasks without any inconvenience.

Fewer Complications

Since a tankless water heater doesn’t have a tank, you’ll have fewer problems in case there’s leakage compared to the traditional model. Once a leak happens, you only have to shut off your tankless water heater to resolve the problem. If you’re using the traditional water heater, the leak may cause the water in the tank to form a pool of water and can result in water damage in the surrounding area.

Reduced Energy Bills

If you’re always stressed about your high energy bills because you’re still using the traditional water heater, why not replace it with a tankless one? As mentioned earlier, the usual water heaters constantly operate so the water will remain heated in the tank at a proper temperature.

With tankless water heaters, they will only heat the water when you need hot water, making them more efficient than other models. For this reason, you’ll get reduced energy bills every month. Therefore, if you want to enjoy savings on your monthly energy bills, consider installing a tankless water heater today.

Bottom Line

Now that you have learned about tankless water heaters, it’s time to decide whether or not you should invest in one for your home. As mentioned above, a tankless water heater guarantees clean and quality hot water whenever you need it without the need to worry about your energy bills. It’s also compact and easy to install in any modern home. However, make sure to shop around first before you choose a tankless water heater so you can find one that meets your budget, quality, and personal preferences.

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