7 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

Homeowners like troubleshooting plumbing problems and fixing them all by themselves; Some of the problems may seem minor but can flood your home if it’s unprofessional handled. Clogged drains and toilets should be treated as an emergency since they cause many health risks.

Leaks and drastic changes in water pressure and temperature may indicate a serious fault along with the plumbing system. It is wise to reach out to a plumber like a Sunshine Coast Plumbing Company; help if your DIY(do-it-yourself)it’s all in vain.

Below is a quick overview of when to call a plumber in your home:

1. Lack of Water

Water is life. If your faucets run dry, that is the worst manner to kick start your day. Confirm with your immediate neighbor whether they are facing water shortages before contacting a sunshine coast plumber. If there is water running in the neighborhood, call a professional plumber right away.

Lack of water in your home only indicates a severe underlying problem. Major leaks are one of the significant causes of the lack of water in your home. Leaks are considered as the major loss of hence increased water bills. There have been reports of property damages caused by water due to unattended leaks; consider hiring a Sunshine Coast Plumbing Company for repairs.

Frozen pipes are also another major cause of no water in your home.

2. Lack of Hot Water

At times it’s normal to lack hot water if someone took long showers before you. It only takes a few minutes for the water to heat up, depending on your water heater type. If the water heating takes longer than expected without success, it’s time to call a qualified plumber like Sunshine Coast Plumbing Company.

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Your problem can easily identify the problem, whether major or minor and fix it immediately. The shortage of water may be caused by the small size of your water tank; an expert will advise you on the appropriate water tank size. If the size is not the cause of this issue, a breaker might have triggered the problem.

A professional plumber will help you identify it and fix it. A competent plumber will go further and check the cause of temperature fluctuations of your water; a fuse could be the major cause, but your plumber is experienced in handling the issue.

Avoid solving this problem since it involves electricity, since it is quite hazardous.

2. A Sweating Water Heater

Thanks to your water heater, you enjoy warm showers in the morning and after a long day. If you noticed that your water heater is sweating, there could k

The weeping water heater is characterized by a damp floor near the water heater. It’s noticeable if you are checking on your pilot lights as a norm. Minor leaks resulting from cracked pipes may be a significant trigger for a Sweating water heater. Consider calling a plumber to eliminate further damages.

Early attention to minor issues won’t cost you more money and time than unattended problems. Besides weeping, the water heater may have corrosion patches; consider reaching out to a plumber for professional help to curb further damages.

Another worrying sign on your water heater is rusty spots; contact your plumber if you notice it. You may fix some of these faults by yourself, but hiring a professional is more convenient since they will also carry out gas and electrical leaks and fix it as soon as possible.

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4. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is another warning sign of an underlying problem in your plumbing system. Much water pressure allows consistent and adequate water from your faucets and showers. If you are experiencing problems with one faucet, only don’t assume it; notify your plumber.

A clogged aerator is a notorious cause of low water pressure in your home. You can easily fix it by unscrewing the aerator and flushing out the sediments. Use mild scrubbing or vinegar soak, but a professional would do a better job than you, of course.

If the cleaning won’t work for you, maybe the problem causing low water pressure is somewhere along the piping. Cracked and broken pipes at whatever location, e.g., walls, underground, can cause low water pressure due to continuous water leaking.

Cracks will not only lower water but also cause immense water wastage.

5. Persistent Overflowing Toilet

Toilets are prone to overflowing in your home, especially if you have kids with you. Clogging is the significant reason for an overflowing toilet; this can be easily solved using a plunger. However, some clogging may be severe and requires you to call a competent plumber for help.

Trying to fix a continuous running toilet with a flapper; will eventually save your money and time. Turn off the water if your toilet is overflowing as you wait for the necessary plumber’s assistance. If the overflow occurs following a flush, your toilet is blocked.

Consider calling a plumber to help unblock it. An experienced person will quickly identify the cause and fix it. They may go ahead and try to create a permanent solution for the clogging; thus, the reason to invite a plumber over should you experience clogging.

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Sometimes toilet overflowing may result from water coming from other pipes since it’s the lowest point in your plumbing system. At some point, the toilet may overflow on its own; seek a plumber’s help since it may be a serious issue.

6. Sewage-Like Smell in Your Home

Sewage smell is unbearable, and it signifies a serious underlying problem in your home. Backups and clogs are major causes of odors in the house. Avoid handling the problem since it causes more severe damage. Among the multiple causes of sewage, smells are poorly ventilated drain pipes.

Clogs drain may produce a nasty smell due to water and sediment stagnation. Consider hiring a professional plumber to help you resolve this issue.

7. Faucet Keep Dripping

A dripping faucet is another signal that your plumbing system has an underlying problem. A dripping faucet leads to loss of too much water hence increased water bills. You can try fixing the fault by tightening the faucet.

Cracked pipe or incorrectly placed elements can also be a major cause for steady dripping; in this case, only a qualified plumber can fix it since it may require complete replacements.

Final Verdict

Calling a plumber early will save your cost and money. The more you keep matters pending for your plumbing system, the more serious the problem will get. There are problems you can temporarily handle, but like mentioned earlier in the article, Sunshine Coast Plumbing Company professionals will do a much better job than you.

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