4 Tips for Building the Ultimate Gaming Room

High-tech gaming setup with multiple monitors and LED lights

If you’re an avid fan of video games, you deserve a space of your own, one that provides you with extra levels of comfort while you’re busy blasting zombies or recording a live stream on Twitch.

There are numerous ideas you can go for to create a space that’s perfect for serious gamers like yourself. If you’re opting to build one, it pays to know what features and fixtures to include.In case you’re unsure how to go about this, check out this essential guide for setting up a gaming room to grind in.

Man in modern gaming setup at night.
Man in modern gaming setup at night.

1. Start with the size

There’s no standard size for a dedicated gaming room; whether it’s the size of a closet or half your living room is a matter of preference. Other than that, you might also be thinking of adding multiple screens and consoles, at which point you will need a room large enough to accommodate these devices. With a bigger room, you have more space for customization and additional furniture and fixtures.

2. Optimize the walls for soundproofing

Modern gaming setup with LED lighting and multiple screens.

Modern gaming setup with LED lighting and multiple screens.When it comes to decorating the walls, choosing a good color should be the least of your problems. Your gaming room should serve as a place of refuge from all the outside noise so you can focus on beating bosses and saving princesses. For this reason, never overlook the need to add soundproofing material to the interior. 

Aside from using heavy curtains, go for wall options like rubber and acoustic foam panels which do well in absorbing noise. For the best results, seal up any gaps through which outside noise can seep.

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3. Light up the space

Colorful gaming room with multiple screens and LED lights.
Colorful gaming room with multiple screens and LED lights.

If you’re a gamer who prefers to play in ambient lighting, add dim bulbs near the LED screen or wall lights that also serve as decorations. Blue LED lights are also common among serious gamers, so you might want to switch up your bulbs with ones that change color at the flick of a switch. 

You might also go for an accent lamp or a floor lamp if your gaming room doubles as a home office. However you’d like to set up the lighting system of the space, you can always shop online for lamps, strip lights, sconces, and other lighting systems to turn your gaming space into the ideal command center.

4. Get the best furniture

Colorful home music studio with multiple screens and equipment.
Colorful home music studio with multiple screens and equipment.

You can’t have a gaming room if you don’t have the right fixtures that add comfort to your gameplay. Get a sturdy gaming desk with drawers in case you need storage for CDs. A gaming chair with lumbar support is also essential.

Make sure that it features a comfortable headrest and cushioned armrest to prevent fatigue and help you assume a natural posture while seated for hours on end. These fixtures will cost you a lot, but if you want to save money, you can always build customized furniture using DIY materials. 


It may not be officially recognized as one of the core parts of a house, but a gaming room would still be a good investment whether you’re a casual or professional player. If you consider yourself a true-blue gamer, then it’s worth your while knowing that you’re spending time and money on a hobby that’s more than just a good way to kill time.

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