5 DIY Hacks to Keep Your Home Cooler This Summer

A collage of DIY hacks for installing an air conditioner in a home.

Summer is just around the corner. Most of us look forward to trips to the beach, long days, and sipping sweet tea on the porch at night. However, we dread receiving our electricity bill after the endless running of fans and the air conditioner unit. Try these simple 5 DIY hacks to keep your home cooler this summer.

A DIY thermometer on a wooden table.
When the temperature rises, so does your cooling bill!|Pixabay

5 DIY Hacks to Keep Your Home Cooler

Change the A/C Filters

Do you forget to change the filters on your a/c system regularly? Take time to change these out. They need proper airflow to keep the unit from gobbling up energy and keep your home cooler.

DIY air conditioner hack.
Changing the air filter on your a/c unit helps you keep your cool. |Her Tool Belt

Toss Some Shade

If you have central air conditioning, make it more efficient. Plant tall shrubs or trees to give it some shade. Just make sure they don’t touch or block the unit.

A garden with a stone tower in the background showcasing DIY hacks.
Of course, trees should be tall enough to shade but not block air flow.|Deep Drip
A DIY fire pit on a patio.
Or, you can build an attractive shade screen.|Pinterest

Install White Shades or Curtains

In the hotter summer months, replace heavy window treatments with white or cream-colored treatments to reflect the heat. This is especially true for the southern- and western-facing windows.

A DIY bedroom hack featuring a bed.
White curtains are gorgeous and reflect the heat.|Pexels
A white bedroom with a DIY bed.
In addition, they lend a sophisticated look. | Freshome
A living room with large windows and white blinds, featuring DIY hacks for home decor.
Keep those window treatments closed during the hottest hours of the day. | Blind and Drapery Showroom

Choose Solar

While you’re shopping for those white shades or curtains, look for some that are solar-rated to block the heat of the sun. In addition to helping control summer energy costs, they will also help save on your winter energy bills.

A DIY hack for a large window in a living room.
In addition to the words “solar fabric”, you may find the term “blackout fabric” while shopping.|Horizon NYC
A DIY curtain in front of a sliding glass door.
Also, these curtains keep in the heat during the winter months. |Hacia Resort

Inspect Your Insulation

We’ve all heard that warm air rises. Don’t let your cooled air seep through the attic! Inspect the insulation in your attic and add more if you see holes, gaps, or worn insulation.

Try these 5 DIY hacks to beat that heat this summer and keep your home cool!

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A DIY bathroom with a window and tub.
Cool white shades work with any style. | Blind and Drapery Showroom


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