8 Advantages of Oakwood Furniture

A bedroom with a bed, a chair, and a lamp.

Furniture can highlight or downplay a space. It all starts with the furniture’s material, the color, and the texture it exudes. One of the advantages of Oakwood furniture is that it makes your space effortlessly elegant and luxurious.

Since furniture makes up a major percentage of the overall look and feel of a space, here’s a quick look at the 8 advantages of oakwood furniture.

Advantages of Oakwood Furniture

1. Durable

Oakwood furniture is highly durable and can last over a century. This sturdiness comes from the nature of Oak as a medium-density hardwood. Therefore, anything made of it can withstand the test of time.

Fun fact: Oak is England’s national tree, and it represents strength and endurance. That’s to say, Oakwood furniture guarantees lifelong performance without premature wear and tear compared to furniture made of other wood species.

You can varnish or stain the furniture, especially those under heavy traffic like dining tables and chairs, to keep them from water damage and even scratches.

2. Flexible Use

Oakwood furniture gives you the flexibility to create harmony with pieces in the space in color, size, and texture. You can have Oakwood furniture for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, home office, kitchen, and dining room. Generally speaking, it is multi-faceted.

Oakwood makes a great material that you can use to construct various wooden items within the house. Still, you can use it outdoors for decking, patio, outdoor furniture, etc.

Although it is difficult to work with, even for seasoned woodworkers, the products are worth the time and effort because surfaces are resilient and won’t give in to abuse.

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3. Versatile Look

Another reason to consider Oak furniture is its flexibility to decide what look you want. You can paint or stain Oak and still get excellent results. You can oil or stain it with a semi-transparent stain if you want to highlight the beautiful grain and the rich wood color.

Alternatively, you can paint it to match your color theme or spruce up the space. Also, you can expose it to elements and let it react to get a charming rustic look. Expect a silvery look from exposure to the sun and a warm, black hue from exposure to rain.

Another aspect of its versatility is the pairing of oak wood with fabrics like drapery and upholstery. Picture this, an oak wood frame on the dining chair paired with a leather or velvet upholstered seat on top, stunning!

Oakwook furniture

4. Its a great Investment Piece

Another advantage of Oak furniture is that it makes for a smart investment. It qualifies as a worthy investment because of its durability, versatility, ease of maintenance, and aesthetical features.

Oak furniture is a one-time investment that doesn’t require repairs after that. It is a piece that you can confidently pass down to your generations. It may age, but it will remain beautiful and functional -like fine wine.

5. Distinct Wood Grain

Oakwood has a gorgeous, wavy grain pattern that’s unmistakable for another. When you stain oak wood furniture, its grain pattern pops and exudes a rich color and elegant texture: It can easily become the focal point in a room.

This distinct grain pattern, stained or not, makes Oak blend with modern or traditional/antique décor.

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6. Resistant to Warping

Another advantage of oak wood furniture is that it doesn’t give in to warping as other woods do. So, regardless of age and the amount of abuse you subject it to, rest assured that your oak surface will remain good as new for a lifetime.

7. Easy to Maintain

Oakwood furniture only requires minimal maintenance practices. Keep it away from pools of water. Keep the furniture clean by dusting it regularly using a soft cloth.

Polish them regularly for stained surfaces where you’d like to retain their sheen. You would need to apply lemon oil on a clean cloth and rub it on the oak wood furniture.

Since the wood is already stain and scratch-resistant, and quite sturdy, it will not break or get damaged easily.

Easy to Maintain

8. It’s Readily Available

Oakwood is more readily available than you would imagine. Manufacturers of high-quality furniture can easily source the material and make your desired furniture -should you ever want customized pieces.

Still, you can find and purchase oak wood furniture from several furniture stores and even online stores. So you just need to shop around, and you will find the specific furniture piece you need for your space.

If your style is buying a piece of furniture at a time, it is all good. New Oak and aged blend well together.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, looking at the eight advantages of oak wood furniture helps you decide on what furniture suits your space or helps you narrow down the search. It’s not to say it doesn’t have shortcomings, but the advantages discussed are a solid stamp of superiority.

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