A Comprehensive Checklist for HVAC Maintenance

Two HVAC maintenance systems in front of a building.

The days of complaining and whining about the unbearable heat are almost here, and homeowners are now looking for ways to inspect their HVAC systems quickly so that they can shield themselves from the heat. However, summers are not the only time when the HVAC units of your house must be checked and inspected thoroughly. The biting cold of the winters also demands these systems to work efficiently so that homeowners can warm themselves up and enjoy the season of celebrations and reunions much better. 

That is why it is imperative that we tend to the condition of our HVAC systems throughout the years and keep a few simple points at the back of our heads to ensure that the systems run without any glitch. Having said that, in today’s article, we shall discuss everything that you need to know about HVAC systems and their maintenance. It is essential that we are aware of the pieces of equipment we use in our homes so that we can stay prepared and know how to tend to them when the time comes.

Why Do HVAC Systems Require Regular Checkups?

Your HVAC system is no different from your brand new car that you purchased and spent a lot of money on. You would do everything in your capacity to keep your car at the best of its condition, run regular checks and inspections and repair and replace parts that needed repairing and replacing. The same holds true for your HVAC system as well. You do not purchase an HVAC unit to use it for a few years and then discard it. To be able to use the system for a longer period and without a hassle, you need to invest yourself in taking care of it.

Plus, if you have already used your HVAC system for more than ten years and fear that it might be nearing the end of its lifespan, it is important that you have professionals like Magnolia Heating and Cooling check the unit immediately and follow it up with further inspections at regular intervals. That said, let us now move on to the intricate details of HVAC maintenance and learn how we could go about the process with ease and comfort.

The Need for Having an Annual HVAC Maintenance Plan:

Annual HVAC maintenance plans provide immediate benefits as well as some long-term advantages. An annual plan reduces the chances of your HVAC unit developing issues further down the line and ensures that the unit stays as good as new till the time you use it. We have enlisted a few other reasons why you must sign up for an annual maintenance plan for your HVAC unit.

Reduces the Energy Bills

At a time when most of us are struggling to manage our finances due to the pandemic and use our already depleting energy sources cautiously, signing up for an annual HVAC maintenance plan can help lower your energy bills. HVAC systems that have not been maintained well lead to higher energy bills and this cannot be good for anyone. HVAC systems need to run at their best so that they can use less energy to heat or cool your homes and provide you with all the necessary comfort.

Two HVAC maintenance air conditioning units on top of a building.

Reduces Repair and Replacement Bills

Machines make our lives easy, but they are also prone to occasional glitches. Therefore, it stands to reason that even the best HVAC system shall break down and require professional assistance. However, units that are maintained frequently over the year can reduce the repair bills and help you save your money. This is because the technicians shall spot the issues way ahead of time and help save your time, money and energy.

Prevents Catastrophic Failures

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system shall help you avoid catastrophic failures since your technicians shall be able to spot the issues and make the required repairs on time. Plus, it is also a smart financial decision. Inspecting the HVAC unit over the year and making small repairs are far better than spending boatloads of money on one big repair.

The System Lasts Longer

This is a no-brainer. Annual HVAC repairs and replacements shall help your system last longer and provide a high return on your investment. Regular maintenance helps you lower the risk of damages and, therefore, ensures that the system lasts for a longer period. You neither have to blow a hole in your pockets to make the emergency fix and nor do you have to replace your system every two or three years.

Improves the Quality of Air

A final perk of signing up for an annual inspection of your HVAC system is that it helps improve the quality of the air you breathe. Worn out HVAC systems cannot filter out impurities and pollens from the air and thus, make the air unhealthy. However, regular maintenance ensures that the air that you and your family breathe is clean and pure.

A Guide to HVAC Maintenance:

Your HVAC technicians and professionals, like the ones from https://proheat.org, will help maintain the system that you have at home or your office at affordable rates and with the utmost professionalism. However, there are a few things that you can do all by yourself to ensure that your system works efficiently and so that you are able to save up on your bills.

Remember to Use Good Filters

The first thing that you must do to ensure that your HVAC system is in the best condition is to use quality filters. It is advisable that you change your filter at least every 90 days so that the efficiency of your system can be tweaked. Most people with an HVAC system do not follow this simple tip, and as a result, it impairs the functionality of the system. Not changing your filters and using dirty filters shall lead to your system working twice as hard to cool or heat your house and thus, increase the energy bills.

Keep Your Unit Clean

The second thing to do is clean the debris in and around the unit so that your HVAC system can work properly. Pollens and fallen leaves tend to gather around the unit, and it is important that you clean the debris so that it does not clog the units and impair their function. Ensure that you check the outdoor unit at least twice a week so that you can clean the area surrounding the HVAC unit. 

Remove any fallen leaves, twigs, pollen and dirt and ensure that they do not clog the system. You also need to clean the insides of your unit and see to it that dirt and debris do not build inside the system.

Inspect Your Refrigerant Lines

The refrigerant lines that come along with your HVAC unit ensure that your house has the required heating and cooling phenomenon. Therefore, it is important that you inspect these lines at least once in a month to check for leaks or damages. Damages of any sort in these lines shall prevent you from enjoying comfortable temperatures inside your house. In case you notice that the lines have started to wear out, call the HVAC professionals soon and get them fixed or repaired.

Your HVAC Unit Must Be Level

The way you install and place your HVAC system is quite important in determining how well the system functions. Ensure that your unit is level and not tilting to any one side. It is also important that you check your HVAC unit and its position every month so that you can fix it soon if it seems to be imbalanced. In case you have placed the system on pads, make sure that the pads are fixed and have not moved.

Get Rid of Clogs

It is important that you pay attention to clogs and remove them before they snowball into a bigger issue. Most people do not pay attention to this part, and as a result, it clogs the entire system over time. There is a hack that you can use to ensure that there are no clogs in your system. You can mix bleach with water and pour the same mixture into the air conditioner condenser to prevent buildups or drain out the clogs.

Turn Your Humidifier Off in Summer

Leaving your humidifier to run in summer is a waste of energy and money. Make sure that you have turned the humidifier off in summer. Towards the end of summer and the onset of fall, when the weather starts to cool down, you can consider installing a new filter. You might then also want to set your humidistat to 40 per cent. After you are done with this, you can turn the water supply on.

Ensure that You Are Not Shutting Many Registers

Shutting more than 20 per cent of the registers at home will lead to your HVAC system working hard for the required heating and cooling effects. It shall also put immense and unnecessary pressure on your system, which can further lead to disruptions in the system.

Note the Presence of Unusual Odors and Sounds

Another very important thing that you must pay attention to while catering to the condition of your HVAC system is the presence of unusual odors and noises. A peculiar kind of smell and noise is common when you have an HVAC system running inside. However, they must be limited and not something out-of-the-ordinary. Therefore, you must pay close attention to these noises and odors and call the technicians if you suspect potential damage to the parts.

Make Sure that You Are Inspecting the Fan Blades

You must check your fan blades once every two months to ensure that they are working properly. You do not have to replace the blades in their entirety. Allow the HVAC technicians to make that call. However, it is crucial that you check the condition of the blades so that you can spot the issues early on and do the needful. Look for signs of damage and wear when the blades are at rest and in motion. This will help you solve the problems before they blow up on your face and cause you to spend an extortionate amount on the repairs and replacements.

Summing Up:

Maintaining an HVAC system might seem like a cumbersome task. In all honesty, it really is, unless you know where to start and who to call for support. The aforementioned points are some simple ways to maintain the condition of your HVAC system. Though some issues might require you to call professionals and technicians, a few others can be resolved by being aware and enlightened about the dynamics of an HVAC system. Keep these aforementioned points at the back of your mind and treat this as your checklist for the maintenance of your HVAC system.

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