Beyond Cleaning: How to Revitalise Your Bedroom

A bedroom with a wabi sabi inspired black marble wall.

Are you getting a little bored of how your bedroom looks? Is lacklustre the word that comes to mind everytime you step into your serene space? If so, this is the article for you. There are very many simple ways in which one can give their bedroom a quick makeover – it doesn’t even have to cost an arm and a leg! In this piece, we will look at how you can revitalise your bedroom and breathe fresh air into the most relaxing room in your home. Read on to find out more!

1. Upgrade Your Mattress

One of the simplest and most easy ways of revitalising your bedroom is to throw your old mattress out and replace it with a new one. Is your bed feeling less than comfortable these days? Stockists of memory foam mattresses in Australia say that options like the Hugo memory foam mattress range are the top pick for most who are looking to increase the comfort levels of their bedroom. The bed is the most crucial part of any bedroom, as it is where you will be spending a good one third of your day. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you spend your 8 hours or so in comfort. Upgrading your mattress is certainly the best way to do this!

2. Splash of Colour

Like most rooms in the home, the bedroom could really benefit from a new coat of paint every so often. Not only will this keep your walls looking fresh, it also gives you the chance to change things up in terms of your bedroom aesthetic. Are you bored of the usual white walls? Perhaps it is time to turn one of your walls into a bold feature wall. Strong colours such as maroon, gray, dark blue and purple are popular choices when it comes to a feature wall.

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A sassy and sophisticated bed in a teen and tween bedroom.
Vibrant colors highlight this teenage girl’s bedroom (stlouishomesmag)

If a feature wall is not your cup of tea, consider changing the colour of all your walls up. Light yellows, blues and other muted or pale tones are fantastic options to keep your space looking and feeling serene. Wallpaper is also a fantastic option for those who aren’t looking to repaint, and come in a surprisingly wide variety of colours and patterns these days.

3. Consider Brand New Bed Linens

Too many of us are guilty of using the same bed linens for far too long. Although quality bed sheets are known to last between 6-10 years, using the same designs and materials can grow old after a while. New bed linen truly make a world of difference when it comes to revitalising the bedroom.

Colorful pillows and a chandelier accent a Greek Key design bed.
Linens with Greek Key trim accent this bed ensemble (decorpad)

Choose natural materials such as cotton or silk as they are highly breathable and will give you a very comfortable night’s rest. Furthermore, new bed linens give you the option of adding some new colour and design to the overall aesthetic of your room. This is a surefire way to inject some new life into any bedroom.

4. Change Your Lighting Up

Lighting is a key element in bringing you dream bedroom ambience to reality. Whilst ideally, the bedroom is as dark as possible when you are trying to sleep, you’ll need to have adequate lighting for when you are reading, dressing up or using your computer in bed. Updating your lighting fixtures can be a fantastic way to revitalise your bedroom. Is that lamp on the nightstand a little too dim, or just looking kind of sad recently? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a modern looking lamp, whether that be on your nightstand or a floor lamp.

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A bedroom with white walls and a bed featuring the right lamp.

If you’re looking to install downlights, avoid installing them right above your bed as direct overhead light is a little harsh and not as soft or radiant as soft light at face level. Another great inexpensive addition to any bedroom is fairy lights that add a touch of magic, should you be into that particular aesthetic.

5. Accessorise

Last, but not least, accessorising is key when it comes to creating the atmosphere you are looking for. Whether you are accessorising with artwork on the walls, new cushions and pillows, mirrors, trinkets or a new rug, accessorising is the way to go when you’re looking to freshen up that bedroom!

A bedroom with a monogram on the wall adds a personal touch.
Bedroom pillows with monograms add panache (rebloggy)

We hope that this article has given you some insight into how you can revitalise your bedroom in a cost efficient and easy way!

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