Transform your bathroom into a spa-like space and learn about new and noteworthy advancements in technology for bathroom design. How to create powder rooms brimming with style.

Beautiful Luxury Bathrooms

Luxury bathroom
Many home owners and renters list a luxury bathroom as one of their top desires in a home.  Rich materials, updated lighting, large showers and beautiful soaking tubs set the scene for the luxury bathroom.  Add to that stunning accents and lush linens for a completely luxurious bathroom that elevates this space into an oasis.  Here are beautiful luxury bathrooms...

Adding Visual Interest with Unique Mirrors in Bathrooms

Traditionally shaped yet minimal and modern mirror (homedsgn)
Bathrooms are sometimes neglected by homeowners and are strictly utilitarian. However, adding visual interest with unique mirrors in bathrooms can be easy and fairly cheap, in regards to remodeling. It is one purchase that will transform the room and create a more enjoyable space for homeowners as well as guests. The picture above is a mirror, inspired by Art Deco....

Beach-Themed Bathrooms for Inspiration

Seaside bathroom with blue shelving holding various sand dollars, seashells, and sea-creatures (evangels).
Beaches and marine-life hold a special place in the hearts of many. The cool blue waters, the gentle current on the shore, and the coral reefs of colorful fish and sea sponges bring back memories of maritime vacations to the beach. These beach-themed bathrooms are guaranteed to fill you with recollections of salty sea air. Of course, the first must...

Unique Bathroom Vanities to Add Character

Floating bathroom vanity
One of the best ways to add individuality to your bathroom is to add a unique vanity.  Whether you are updating, finishing a new bathroom or simply want to change things, consider unique bathroom vanities to add character.  Here are a few imaginative bathroom vanities to inspire you to reinvent your own. Repurposing furniture and other items is a great way to create a...

How to Add Black to Your Interiors for Sophisticated Style

Sophisticated black home interior
Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when retailers make heavy reductions in prices and Christmas shoppers flock to the stores to get the best deals.  Well, for those of you who prefer a calm, relaxing Black Friday away from the chaos, here is the interior design equivalent to Black Friday with tips on how to add black to...

Metallic Wallpaper for Dimension and Shimmer

Chic and sophisticated metallic wallpaper
Metallic wallpaper is trending this year and the selection of styles and patterns is better than ever.  Glistening metallic enlivens a space and gives it dimension and textural appeal.  Whether it's for the living room, dining room, bedroom or bath, metallic wallpaper sets the tone for a chic aesthetic.  Here are examples of metallic wallpaper for adding shimmer, character and...

Relax At Home With A Whirlpool Bath

There’s nothing greater than updating your traditional bathtub or shower for a relaxing whirlpool spa bath. Available in all styles and in all budgets, from simple bathtub upgrades to the ultimate in home luxury, whirlpool baths are a great way to unwind and escape without leaving your own home. Sunken whirlpool baths give a seamless and minimal style. Any unsightly...

18 Vessel Sinks to Beautify Your Bathroom

Beautiful cobalt blue vessel sink
Vessel sinks offer a different look for your bathroom.  They harken back to a time in history before running water, where people would have a wash basin in their bedroom.  Far from the typical wash basin, however, vessel sinks today are works of art.  Hand-blown glass, Murano glass, crystal, stone, metal and hand-painted porcelain vessel sinks are available.  Explore...

Five outstanding bathtubs that will completely transform your bathroom

bathtub Vessel produced by the designer Splinter Work and shaped as a hammock
The bathtub is one of the most interesting components of furniture in the bathroom. On the market there are many different types of bathtubs, made with different materials and with different accessories, obtainable in many sizes and shapes and with different technologies. Thanks to this wide range of products, available on the marketplace, everyone can easily find the bathtub that...

The Elegance and Charm of the Clawfoot Bathtub

Classic claw foot bathtub
The clawfoot bathtub is a classic part of bathroom history, dating back to ancient times.  The term clawfoot bathtub, however, emerged in the 1700s as aristocratic homeowners discovered the benefits of regular bathing.  The original tubs were made of cast iron.  Today, various materials are used to create these endearing pieces.  The elegance and charm of the clawfoot bathtub blends...

Fifty Shadows of gray for your home

how to make elegant, trendy and stylish your home using gray color
Many persons think that the gray is a boring color, too dark, too cold and too serious for an home. But this is not true. Gray is a neutral color and this caracteristic make it extremly useful and flexible. It seems impossile, but with some touches and different shadows of gray you can make your home unbelievably stylish, trendy...

Powder Rooms with Panache

Luxurious powder room
Powder rooms offer us the opportunity to be bold and take risks.  Since this is such a small space in the home, one can take liberties with its design and décor.  This is a space that guests often see and can set the vibe for your home.  Here are ways to enrich this space and design a powder room...

5 Reasons to Love Marble in Your Home

Black marble floors give this room a sleek, modern flair with classic drama
Marble has been used to enhance interiors for hundreds of years.  It is a luxury feature in many homes, including bathrooms, kitchens and central living areas.  Marble looks sleek in modern interiors and comes in a variety of patterns, textures and colors.  Here are five reasons to love marble in your home. 1. Floors Marble floors are elegant and sleek.  Marble...

6 Items That Should Be on Your Home Bucket List

What's on your Home Bucket List?
We all make bucket lists in our mind about the places we want to see and the things we want to do before we leave this world.  Now let’s consider the home bucket list.  This is not about the chores and repairs needed.  This is a list of those things that we dream about related to our home.  Here...

15 Examples of Opulence And Elegance: Bathrooms With Fireplace

A bathroom with a fireplace? Yes, please! Such a bathroom is very cozy and relaxing – just imagine! Two elements for you to enjoy your rest! The styles may be very different, and a fireplace would fit into any interior. Have a look at the examples:

How To Create The Perfect Pastel Bathroom

Because of their soothing and cooling features, pastel colours across the whole spectrum are a fun and ideal choice for bathroom decoration. The trend exploded in the 1980s, but has developed since then into a fun and contemporary option that can work in any home. Neutral pastels like nude and peach tones provide an elegant backdrop for your bathroom and...

Monograms Add the Personal Touch in Your Home

Monogrammed bedding adds a personal touch
Monograms are a distinct way to add personalization to your home.  Monogrammed linens, bedding, pillows and other home accents are classic and provide a subtle way to mark future family heirlooms or to just personalize items for a classic look. The monogram originated as a royal seal, then was simply used by artists to identify their work.  The Victorian era...

Bathroom Upgrades for a More Efficient, Beautiful Space

A stunning bathroom
The bathroom in the modern home takes on many uses throughout the day.  It is typically the first room you see after you wake up and the last you see before you go to bed.  Why shouldn’t it be more than just tired old tile and linoleum with basic fixtures?  Here are ways to upgrade your bathroom to create...

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