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Transform your bathroom into a spa-like space and learn about new and noteworthy advancements in technology for bathroom design. How to create powder rooms brimming with style.

Renovation Strategies you need to know: Change that you’ll love for years

bathroom renovation
2020 has helped us realise that it's time for a change. It's no surprise that as the kitchen and bathroom are the most used rooms in the house when it comes to remodelling, these are the first ones to change. Whether you’re just planning on changing a few things or going for a full renovation, a bathroom renovation is...

7 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

small bathroom
In many cases, a home’s bathroom is small because only three main features need to be present in it: a toilet, sink, and shower. With those things, you don’t need to allot a large area for your bathroom, especially since you’ll only spend a few minutes a day using it. However, wouldn’t it be great if your bathroom were...

Top Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom Beautifully

Bed between ladder and plant in green boho bedroom
A bedroom is the most important part of the house because it allows you to breathe life into your personal space with the right choice of colors, furniture and design. So if you have been looking for some exciting bedroom décor ideas, you’ve come to the right spot. Continue reading till the end: Choose the Right Color The first and most...

3 good tips how to use wood in the bathroom

Perhaps at first, the thought of wood in the bathroom would be impossible for you. Especially if you are a traditionalist who still believes that wood will suffer under the influence of moisture. But it does not have to be so. There are beautifully treated and impregnated wood that will withstand the temptations of moisture for many years to...

How to Waterproof and Fully Seal a Bathroom

Waterproof Bathroom
A bathroom is unlike every other room in the house, in that it’s expected to contain an enormous amount of moisture. If even the smallest vulnerability is allowed to develop, the water could continuously leak into the surrounding building, eventually leading to structural issues with the fabric. This applies especially if you’re creating a wetroom, and even more so...

Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Walk-In Tubs

Walk-In Tubs
It's essential to do a lot of research into any large purchase you make, and walk-in tubs are no exception. You've likely taken plenty of time to learn more about senior bathtubs, their features, and the various brands and models out there—and that's excellent. However, there are probably still a few things that you haven't considered and that a...

How to Install Bathroom Wall Panels

Bathroom Wall Panels
The easiest way to upgrade your bathroom to a fresher and trendier look is to install plastic bathroom panels. They are quick to install, and you can do it yourself. They come in different designs that are modern and stylish that you can choose from. It’s the best way to personalize and make your bathroom unique. You won’t need...

Eight Tricks For Your Small Bathroom Decor

small bathroom decor
For small bathroom decor, it is important to note that the aim is to make it cozy and create an illusion of a bigger space. With this in mind, what should you do to create this effect? Here are five tricks to help you get started. Maximize your Space In a small bathroom, you need all the space you can get. Maximize...

Top Tips For Creating a Spa-Like Atmosphere In Your Bathroom

improve bathroom
The bathroom should be the space in your home that creates a feeling of complete relaxation and wellness. If your bathroom needs a little helping hand, then these top tips are a great starting point. A few simple changes will transform your bathroom into a spa-like setting which will allow you to switch off from the stresses of the...

4 Essential Bathroom Remodelling Tips

It may come as a surprise, but some of us are still in the throes of remodeling the house or preparing for our next renovation. While the more… 'regular' among us would swear blind that November to December is a time for sitting around eating chocolates and re-watching our favorite Christmas classics with our third eggnog, there are, in fact,...

Bathtub Safety Tips For Your Home

A bath tub or steam shower is a specialized container for holding hot water where a person or animal could bathe. Most modern bathtubs are made out of fiberglass-reinforced porcelain, steel or ceramic porcelain, or cast iron. There are a wide array of styles of tubs and showers. The most popular of these is the wall-mounted tub. Wall-mounted bath tubs...

Organizing Your Bathroom in Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian bathroom
Scandinavian designs borrow from the natural beauty of Northern Europe. So your Scandinavian bathroom should feature natural wood mixed with bright accents, a bathing unit, and vanity, all arranged in minimalist space. White and Beige are standard shades in Scandi bathrooms, but you can get as creative as blue, yellow, purple, grey, and so on. The Key Features of Scandi Style So...

Bathroom Renovation Tips and Suggestions

The bathroom is a place for softness and comfort and if you have come to the decision that it is time for a revamp, there is a lot to consider. While you want your bathroom to be functional, you also want a degree of luxury, and with so many styles and colours to choose from, it can be a...

The 9 Features of a Complete Scandinavian Bathroom

Scandinavian Bathroom design
If you admire a Scandinavian kitchen, then you must have fallen in love with it for its beautiful minimalism and functionality. Scandi-style bathrooms are not any different; they are a unique way to add extra comfort, luxury, and fashion to your bathing space. Since time immemorial, scandi designs have transformed in many ways, but these four major characteristics have remained...

Tiling by Style: Which Style for Your Craftsman Bathroom?

This gorgeous classic bathroom design screams luxury and elegance with its choice of materials and finishes
Everyone is inspired by art and craft in a way—which is the theme that reigns in a Craftsman bathroom. And if you think you are immune, then maybe this post will bring out the craftsmanship in you. The craftsman-style brings back the old and rustic appeal and uses the elements of architecture wisely to create a purposeful bathing area. Natural and...

The 3-Minute Guide to a Perfect Craftsman-Style Bathroom

This craftsman bathroom has a unique layout, featuring an open shower are which is directly connected to the square bathtub in the middle
If you’ve decided to go Craftsman-style on your bathroom, then it’s natural to want to learn the style in detail.   The Craftsman’s style combines nature and simplicity with traditional art & craft. It also relies partly on architectural elements to create a beautiful and functional bathing space. A Craftsman-style bathroom is all about traditional old-style craftsmanship. You want to keep it...

Bathroom Graffiti: Mere Vandalism or Deep Stories Written on a Bathroom Stall?

I’ve never seen a public restroom that didn’t have some sort of graffiti to distract me as I did my business. As I read a Confucius quote written next to a drawing of a deceased pigeon on a worn out partition panel, I begin to wonder about the psychology of all these graffiti and how public restroom owners can...

How to Design a Bathroom You’re Going to Love

Design Bathroom
Are you trying to design a dream bathroom, but you need some help? Read this article to learn how to design a bathroom you'll love. Is your bathroom looking dull and dated? Does it need a serious makeover? You can take your bathroom from drab to dreamy, with a few fundamental design tips. Whether you're hiring a professional to remodel and design...