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Fresh ideas to transform your bedroom into an oasis and create welcoming guest bedrooms.

Five Things You Must Know About When Preparing A Metal Bed Frame For A Paint Job.

Metal Bed
Bed frames are attractive household items. As the years pass by, a certain time can come when you need to revive it with a new paint job. In your eagerness, you should surge straight into the artwork part; however, if you can rely upon the state of your bed because the bed will require some arrangement first. This post...

Seven Colors for Bedroom That will Create Magical Moments

Your bedroom is where you retreat to unwind after a long day and have a relaxing night. The right colors for bedroom will elevate your mood and help you sleep better. Explore the magic of these seven colors in enhancing the atmosphere of your bedroom. Lime Green For a calm, natural feel in your bedroom, this shade of green will work magic....

How to buy the Right Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture
The bedroom is like an oasis in the desert. It is therefore very important to strive to make it the most comfortable and habitable place in your home. When investing in your bedroom furniture, make sure you’re getting the most out of your money. Whether it’s a new bed, chest, and dressers, or accessories, choose a furniture store that...

10 Bohemian Theme Ideas for Bedrooms

boho hedroom
You may have heard the term bohemian design before, but what does that conjure up in your mind? If you say odd, eclectic, antique, funky, or a dozen other such descriptive words, you would be right. Any and all of these describe bohemian style to a higher or lesser degree. It's all about attitude, really. Bohemian refers to a person...

How To Create A Sleep Conducive Space In Your Bedroom

The ability to affect the quality of your sleep is one of the biggest reasons why your bedroom is important. A cluttered bedroom will cause you to lose sleep at night and increase your chances of developing chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. Over time, this kind of bedroom can adversely affect your productivity...

Ways to Make Your Bed The Coziest Place on Earth

Comfortable bed
The bed is one of the most unrated places on earth. Many people do not realize how much time is spent staying in bed. According to research, the average human lives for about 80 years. Of those years, a staggering 26 years are spent sleeping. But it doesn’t end there. The research also shows that people spend an additional...

How to Create a Relaxing Bedroom

Guest modern bedroom interior with grey walls and orange pillows
Your bedroom should be the one room in the home where you can truly unwind at the end of a stressful day. The rest of the home is where the majority of the family activities happen, so it can be extremely difficult to get a moment of peace and quiet. Whether you’re stressed with work, parenthood, or a relationship,...

6 Bedroom Color Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Relationship

Bedroom color ideas are umpteen. But, we are focusing on the factor of relationship in this blog. Our beloved spouse is the most important person in our life. The bedroom we spend our togetherness is said to have a considerable effect on us. If your bedroom is cluttered and shabby, it will inevitably distort the bond. The color of...

A Guide To Affordable Mattresses

A few people may wonder, “why are some mattresses expensive?”, particularly the premium ones. Also, do these mattresses help you get a night of better sleep? One mattress brand says that a mattress’s cost reflects the materials and processes used to make it.  Thus, they might undoubtedly promote better sleep. However, not everyone can afford to buy such expensive mattresses....

Cool Bedroom Ideas That Your Teen Will Appreciate For Years

Teen Bedroom
Looking for cool bedroom ideas for your teen? You’ve come to the right place. Understand your teen’s tastes and choices and think of a bedroom from their perspective. It’s obviously more than just a place for naptime; your teen’s bedroom is where they escape from all the grown-up rules and demands. Teen Bedroom Ideas There are a handful of places where your...

This Cozy Bedroom Decor Will Make You Want to Stay in Bed All Day

Modern room interior with comfortable bed
Your bedroom may be the place to go to feel relaxed and comfortable, but that doesn’t make it exempt from design aesthetic. The bedroom decor below prove that you can have both coziness and chicness in one package. It is about to get a lot harder to get out of bed. 1. The nest Does your room have high ceilings and...

10 Clever Ideas to Use Bedroom Furniture for Storage

Bed between ladder and plant in green boho bedroom
Space efficiency is often the top priority for small bedroom owners that want to keep everything within reach, while maintaining a clutter-free room. Even if your bedroom is sizeable enough, you can make better use of the space by cleverly making use of the furniture you cannot live without, such as the bed, headboard and side table. Read on...

10 Creative and Fun Ideas for Decorating a Kid’s Bedroom

designer accessories and posters on a white wall
Can you remember your bedroom when you were a kid? It probably wasn’t anything creatively fun and colorful. Nevertheless, you can still experience the childhood you missed through the young ones in your life today. Check out the great ideas below for the inspiration you need to transform your kids bedroom. 1. Chalkboard Wall Encourage creativity by adding a chalkboard stripe...

10 Cool Headboard Ideas To Improve Your Bedroom Design

Elegant room interior with large comfortable bed
That is Headboards may have been originally created to keep pillows and beddings in place but today, designers have turned these functional pieces into design elements that can completely transform a bedroom design. If you feel like your bedroom is lacking in style, take the décor to a whole new level with these great headboard ideas. 1. Slipcovered Not happy with...

10 Cozy Ways to Decorate Your Guest Bedroom

Guest modern bedroom interior with grey walls and orange pillows
One of the rewards for a well decorated house is getting to show it off to friends and family. Whether or not you love to host, aspire to create the perfect guest bedroom that will guarantee a memorable stay for any would-be houseguest. Let the tips below be the inspiration you need to make your extra space just as...

How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like an Energetic and Harmonious Space

We may spend most of our time at work, commuting or simply in other rooms of our homes, but it’s actually the bedroom that impacts our well-being the most. It’s the room where we let all our concerns go, where we shed everything that happened throughout the day and give ourselves completely to sleep and relaxation. This is why...

10 ultra-easy DIYs to instantly “pamper” your bedroom

10 ultra-easy DIYs to instantly "pamper" your bedroom
In deco, it is sometimes not lacking much to put the finishing touch to a room. Whether updating a space, transforming it or improving it, there are several simple ways to achieve this: Play with accessories; Change the color of the room; Arrange the furniture differently; Change the lighting ... There is also the solution that is to tinker a decoration yourself ! Indeed,...

Hotel Rooms to Inspire Your Bedroom Design

Luxury hotel suite to inspire bedroom design
LAST UPDATED 18-OCT-2019 Do you enjoy reliving memorable vacations? Do you love staying in luxury hotels? You can enjoy those memories and the experience by taking cues from luxury hotels around the world. Let these beautiful suites inspire you to recreate your memorable travel experiences in your own bedroom. Capture the fine details, the quality furniture and luxurious comfort of...