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How to Select an Above Ground Pool. Finding the right pool for your family can be a challenge. Our articles will help you select a ground pool that works.

Choosing Glass Pool Fencing in Perth, WA For The Safety Of The Kids

Glass Pool Fencing
Children under age five account for the most common cause of death due to drowning in Australia, with strict laws implemented since the early 90s for preventative measures. The rules show some success, but the consensus between the Australian standard and the "BCA Code" is that there need to be more stringent safety policies in place to keep the...

Staycation! Here are 5 tips to make it fun and relaxing

Create a pool bar
Everyone loves a holiday, right? And what better way to enjoy all the benefits that holiday can bring without the hassle of booking, packing and travelling. Staycations are more popular now than ever and installing a pool in the backyard can provide the ultimate holiday experience. Here are our 5 top tips for making your next staycation fun and...

How to Significantly Lower Your Pool Maintenance Costs?

Pool Maintenance
Pool maintenance is an important part of owning a swimming pool. Maintaining your pool requires effort on your part. It also requires money. There are many costs involved in maintaining your home swimming pool. These costs can be significant. This is a reason many people hesitate to get a pool for their home. They worry about the running costs...

Barrier Reef Pools Adelaide

swimming pools Adelaide
A swimming pool is one of the most sought-after home additions, and it's not hard to understand why, with warm sunny days and our outdoor-obsessed culture, it provides the perfect place to make lasting memories all from the convenience of our back doorstep. If you'd like to transform your property and lifestyle with a pool of your very own,...

How To Pick The Perfect Pool That Grows With Your Family

Perfect Pool
You have decided to invest in a pool. Building a pool has a lot of benefits. It is an expensive and long-term investment. Therefore, it requires careful planning. Lack of proper planning can turn your pool into a lifelong liability. Ideally, you would want a pool that serves your family for a lifetime. This is the tricky part. Your family...

Here Are Some Fantastic Tips On How You Can Fit A Small Fibreglass Pool In Your Backyard! 

Fibreglass Pool
A fibreglass pool is a great option to consider if you are planning to get a swimming pool. Today, most homeowners are choosing fibreglass pools, thanks to the convenience it offers. These pools are factory-built and readily available. They just have to be brought to your home and installed. This makes installation quick and less expensive. One of the...

Green Pool Water? Here Is What You Need To Do To Get Your Pool Water Back On Track!

Green Pool Water
A pool with green water not only looks bad but is dangerous too. Your blue pool can become green due to the growth of algae. This is a common occurrence and if you do not maintain your pool well, it can turn green. Algae can grow faster in the summer and you can be surprised to see how fast...

12 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Fibreglass Pool!

Fibreglass Pool
Swimming pools come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. One of the most common types of pools used to be in the ones made of concrete. These concrete pools are strong, tough, and durable. This made such pools popular. Today more and more people are preferring fiberglass pools. These pools are not only tough and durable but also look...

The Best Pool Trends We Expect to See in the Future

swimming pool
Gone are the days when swim-up bars and flashy glass completed the look of a swimming pool. Pool owners today are looking for a minimalistic and refined design with more functionalities and attractive themes. In fact, the swimming pool industry is currently experiencing a revolution as new ideas and innovative designs are flooding the market. Pool designers are thinking...

10 reasons why owning a pool is a fantastic investment!

swimming pool
Understandably, for most people a pool is a substantial expense, so you want to be sure you are spending your money wisely. The best way to get maximum return from your pool is by using it often. Here we will run through 10 reasons why owning a pool is a fantastic investment in case you are still sitting on...

Smart Pools – What Are Their Advantages and are They Worth the Hype?

Smart Pools
Everything you come across these days has a "smart" tag, so why not pools? Pools aren't far behind, and now you get something called "smart pools". These are worth your while and money. If you're still out of your depth as to their meaning, purpose and what have you, here's a glimpse into everything you should know. Your next...

Installing Your Dream Celebrity Inspired Swimming Pool – Hints, Tips and Safety!

If you’ve always wanted that dream, celebrity-inspired swimming pool in your own back garden then there’s never been a better time to consider it. With warmer Spring and Summer months, comes the desire to spend more time relaxing outdoors. If you’re looking around your outside space at home and wondering if installing your own swimming pool is achievable – then...

How to choose the right color for your fiberglass pool?

fiberglass pool
Nothing can beat having your own swimming pool in your backyard in the hot summer months. Relaxing in your swimming pool letting the cool waters wash away your stress is blissful, isn’t it? Now, that you have your own fiberglass pool, you want it to be visually appealing as well as fun. You want it to be the jewel of...

Here are Some Fantastic Safety Tips For Preparing Your Pool This Summer!

Family Pool
Summer is when everyone at home is free and get together to have fun. This is the time when kids have a school break. Your kids are likely to get their friends over to have a great time in the pool. This is the time of the year when your swimming pool is likely to be utilized the most....

Pros and Cons of different styles of swimming pools

different styles of swimming pools
As the world progresses our amenities also improve at the same rate and one of them happens to be the swimming pool too. Getting a new pool can be a hard decision as there are so many options available these days. We have taken it upon ourselves to compile the pros of cons of the most readily visible types...

What Shapes And Designs Can A Plunge Pool Be?

Pools Designs
A plunge pool is a small pool that is usually built for spending time by cooling off or wading. These pools are usually shallow, though deeper pools are also possible. Usually, they are around 4 to 5 feet deep. Plunge pools have been popular because they are smaller, take up lesser space, are cheaper, and are easy to maintain....

Tips for Choosing the Right Color for Your Fibreglass Pool

Color Pool
You have decided to install a swimming pool. After some painstaking research, you have finalized the location, size, shape and design of your fibreglass pool. But one factor still bothers you - choosing the right color. Fibreglass pools are available in various color options. It is easy to succumb to temptations and choose the trending color. But the swimming...

Here are some helpful tips to reduce your pool’s maintenance

pool's maintenance
Most of us love the idea of having a swimming pool out the backyard, the cleaning component, not so much. Worry not, there are many ways you can drastically reduce the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your pool. Here are our top tips for keeping your pool crystal clear with minimal effort. Gone are the days of...