How to Decorate with Mirrors in the Dining Room

Mirrors in the dining room? It’s not something that comes naturally. For most people, the only two rooms where you need mirrors are the bedroom and bathroom. No one will ask questions no matter how many mirrors you have in these two rooms. However, installing mirrors in the dining room may raise a few eyebrows.

Yet, it turns out mirrors can be incredibly beneficial in the dining room. For one, mirrors help to brighten dim rooms. By reflecting any little light within the room, they help direct light to every corner of the room, thus “illuminating” the area.

Additionally, mirrors make spaces appear larger. This can be useful in family homes or small dining areas. Mirrors push the lines, making it seem like the room is bigger.

Above all, mirrors are decorative. The right mirrors, framed or not, can add a new dimension to the space. You can also add accessories around your mirrors to add warmth and elegance to your dining room.

Decorating with Mirrors in the Dining Room

The most important thing when decorating with mirrors in your living room is to have a plan. Merely throwing around mirrors around the dining room can upset the overall décor and even undermine conversations at the dinner table.

To this end, you should consider Feng Shu ideas when decorating with mirrors in the dining room. Some of the top Feng Shui rules are as follows;

1. Place the mirror facing a window 

One of the best ways to position your dining room mirror is such that it faces the main window. When in this position, the mirror will reflect as much natural light as possible back into the room.

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A dining room with a wooden table and chairs and a mirror.
How to decorate with mirrors in the dining room

This helps to brighten up the space. However, you’re advised to be deliberate about the exact position. You don’t want it reflecting light into diners’ eyes. Additionally, position it such that it reflects your window treatments in a flattering way.

2. Position it to reflect the primary light fixture 

Dining rooms are places where homeowners place statement lighting fixtures. For instance, the majority of families have installed luxury chandeliers in their dining rooms to show affluence while boosting décor. One way to highlight your elegant chandelier is to find a mirror tall enough to reflect the light off it. This way, the mirror performs two functions. First, it helps reflect light across the room to boost lighting. More importantly, though, it reflects the attractive elements of the lighting fixture.

3. Group your mirrors with candles 

A mirror in the middle of a dozen candles on a mantle or shelf also creates a stunningly beautiful sight that you and your guests will love. So, if you have a mantle or a shelf in the dining room, you can create an elegant display by placing a mirror on the surface, propping it against the wall, and placing several candles in front.

A dining room with a wooden table and chairs featuring a mirror.
How to decorate with mirrors in the dining room

For the best results, ensure the candles are of different heights. The mirror will reflect the light and candles when you light them.

4. Prop it at the end of the dining table 

A dining room with teal walls and black furniture featuring a mirror.
How to decorate with mirrors in the dining room

For this one, you need a large, tall mirror. Full-length mirrors are the best choice. The idea is to prop the mirror against the wall at the end of the dining table to reflect everyone on the table. You’ll need to keep a few things in mind, though. For instance, ideally, you want a mirror that compliments the décor since full-length mirrors have a massive impact on the decoration. Additionally, sizing is critical. Sometimes the best option is an oversize rather than proportional mirror.

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5. Use the mirror to provide a focal point 

Every room has a focal point. In the dining room, it can be the dining table, a piece of artwork on the wall, or the chandelier we mentioned earlier, among others. If you’re struggling to find one, a mirror can solve the problem with ease. A statement mirror with a bold frame or that’s otherwise eye-catching easily stands out even in a large dining room. Make sure to position it such that it frames whatever it reflects.

A dining room with a wooden table and chairs, featuring a mirror.
How to decorate with mirrors in the dining room

6. Hang multiple mirrors in groups

Finally, you can also create the impression you wish by hanging multiple mirrors in groups. This works especially in settings where one large mirror doesn’t give the desired results. The mirrors can be identical or different sizes.

A dining room with a large table, chairs, and a mirror.
How to decorate with mirrors in the dining room

They can also be the same shape or come in different shapes. However, make sure they have at least one thing in common, such as the frame color. For the best results, group them into a pre-defined shape.


Hanging mirrors in the dining room isn’t taboo. On the contrary, strategically placing mirrors in your dining room can boost lighting while enhancing décor. It’s something you should definitely try.

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