Purchasing Bedroom Furniture: The Advantages of a Bedroom Set

bedroom furniture set

So, you’re moving into a new home. Or perhaps you’ve just decided to redecorate. Anyway, you’ve chosen to replace all the bedroom furniture, from bed to chairs, and wardrobes.

But there’s one major hurdle – you can’t seem to decide whether to buy all the furniture in a or mix-and-match the pieces. You’re a little inclined towards a matching set. However, you’ve heard a few nice things about mix-and-match furniture, which has left you even more confused.

This guide looks at the main advantages of matched sets when purchasing bedroom furniture. When does a set make the most sense?

Get everything you need in one go

The first main benefit of matched furniture sets is that you get everything you need at a go. Think about it this way; you don’t just need a bed but several furniture pieces, including chairs, desks, tables, and storage items. So which is easier – to buy these items one by one or get everything you need in one go?

One may argue that it’s more “fun” to shop for them one by one, and they’d be right to a degree. But what if you don’t have the time? What if you’ve just relocated to a new city for work and need to report to the office within 2-3 days? in this case, it makes a lot more sense to get everything you need in one go, which makes furniture sets your best choice.

Everything is delivered at once

This point is closely tied to the first one. Purchasing bedroom furniture pieces one by one means you’ll likely need to transport them one by one. This is especially true if you buy them from different stores, which is highly likely when you’re interested in different styles. You’ll need to transport each piece to your home separately.

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This might also be fin if you have all the time in the world and a big budget. However, it’s impractical when you’re short on time and can be expensive if you’re shopping on a budget. It can also be exhausting.

Potential for discounts

Depending on where you eventually buy, there’s a greater potential for significant discounts if you buy in sets. It’s not too different from buying in bulk. The seller is more likely to give you a discount if you buy ten pairs of shoes than the next guy who buys just one pair, right?

The discounted amount will obviously vary from one store to the next. It will also depend on the type of furniture. However, you can easily shop for discounts by comparing prices at different stores for the desired furniture set.

beroom furniture


Easier room-to-room transition

Another key advantage of purchasing matching bedroom furniture is that it makes it easier to transition your décor from room to room. Although a few people thrive in the “chaos” of mix-and-match interior décor, most people desire a unified home that seamlessly transitions from one room to the next. For instance, you may want the bedroom to feel like an extension of the living room style. It’s much easier to achieve a uniform, whole-home décor style with furniture sets.

For instance, assuming you’ve already selected a style and even purchased a living room furniture set, you can simply go back to the dealer to get matching bedroom furniture.

Easier to decorate large bedrooms

Decorating large spaces is a nightmare, especially If it’s your first time. The size of the space can easily overpower you, making it difficult to tie the room together. This is especially true if you’re hell-bent on mixing and matching the design. You must be spot-on with your selections. Otherwise, the bedroom may end up looking like a poorly designed hall.

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An easy way to get around this challenge is to avoid it altogether. Instead of attempting to be too unique, achieve the desired sophistication through simplicity. For example, get a unique bedroom furniture set and spice things up with accessories.

Hard to mess up

Finally, you should also consider purchasing bedroom furniture sets because it’s difficult to mess things up. A common problem with mix-and-match furniture sets is that they need prior experience or expert input to get things right. Otherwise, you’re courting trouble.

For instance, what happens when you, later on, discover that your table and chair don’t match as well as you initially thought? Do you throw away the chair (cheaper option) or persist with the mismatching pieces? Replacing individual pieces can be very expensive. Matching sets don’t have this problem because there’s nothing to mess up.

bedroom furniture set

Select from a Variety of Options

Many people love to use the “template” tag to slight matching furniture sets. But that’s not entirely accurate. Although purchasing bedroom furniture sets means you get several matching pieces, many modern bedroom sets don’t come in one color or texture. Instead, they come in several colors and textures, carefully selected to create a harmonious set. Moreover, you can select from various colors, textures, styles, and designs.

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