Tips for Buying Furniture Hardware Accessories

A set of gold handles and knobs on a white surface.

Choosing the right furniture hardware is a critical step when decorating or upgrading your home. Whether you’re updating just a single room, such as the bedroom, bathroom, or living room, or the entire house, choosing the correct furniture hardware accessories has a massive impact on the outcome of the project.

The good news is that your options are endless. Although most people stick with standard choices, you can explore more unique options to separate yourself from the rest. You can also attempt to mix and match different hardware for a unique outcome. It’s all up to you.

Below, we round up basic guidelines to help you select the right pulls, handles, hinges, knobs, and other lesser-known hardware for your furniture.

1. Pulls vs. knobs

The first consideration when shopping for furniture hardware accessories is whether to opt for pulls or knobs. Knobs are the most common, and for a good reason. They come in different shapes, such as round, square, octangular, rectangle, and mushroom, and are very beautiful. They also come in different colors to match your décor.

Meanwhile, pulls are smaller and make less of a statement. They make a better fit when you’re attempting to keep things simple. Thus, whereas knobs work excellently in traditional and even transitional styles, pulls are best in contemporary/modern styles.

2. Choosing a style

The other important consideration when shopping for furniture hardware accessories is style. Today’s four main décor styles are classic/traditional, contemporary/modern, transitional, rustic, and eclectic. In fact, the first three are by far the most common.

Traditional decors blend nicely with most furniture hardware. However, the best picks are detailed accessories with more embellishments. Natural round wood knobs, for instance, give a classic traditional appearance. Meanwhile, contemporary décor is all about cleaner lines and a more minimalistic look. Thus, stainless steel hardware is the most common accessories in modern settings. Transitional decors blend classic and contemporary styles.

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3. Choosing a finish

Furniture hardware accessories are meant to elevate the look of your furniture. The elements should boost the aesthetic appeal, whether it’s pulls on your bedside table or knobs on the dresser. Thus, you must choose hardware with great appeal while keeping in mind the color schemes in your space.

Generally, though, furniture hardware elements come in brass, chrome, bronze, and stainless-steel finishes. All four are very attractive options. For instance, polished brass stands out strongly in traditional decors, while stainless steel can blend seamlessly in minimalistic modern designs. Gold and black are other common finishes.

4. Choosing a material

When you think about furniture hardware, the first thing that comes to mind is metal. However, metal isn’t the only option. Better still, even if you’re a fan of metal, you can mix metal with other materials to create durable hardware pieces that are also beautiful.

For instance, crystal hardware is very attractive. They may not be as durable as metal. However, they glitter and shine in a way that adds so much pomp to the room. Glass is another increasingly popular hardware material. It reflects light beautifully, thus creates helps enhance space. Two other materials to consider are stone and porcelain.

5. Finding the right size

Just as you need to pick the right size furniture for your home, furniture hardware must also come in appropriate sizes. For instance, if you’re replacing a few elements, measure the existing holes first to determine the best size of the replacement.

For knobs and pulls, take time to measure the replacement with a tape measure to ensure you’re getting the perfect fit. For instance, your pulls must never be larger than the width of the framework to ensure a proper fit. Failure to get the size right can upset the balance within the room.

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6. Consider placement

Finally, it’s imperative to fix the right hardware in the right place. For instance, knobs on the drawer must go to the correct position for ease of use and general balance. In smaller drawers that are one foot wide or less, you only need a single pull or knob located centrally on the front of the drawer. However, you can have one large pull/knob placed centrally for larger drawers or a pair of knobs/pulls evenly apart on the drawer.

Keep in mind that hardware placement impacts function. If you only have one knob located slightly towards the left, opening the drawer can be difficult. So, it’s not just about making things look beautiful.


Purchasing furniture hardware accessories should be fun if you understand a few things about the process. However, don’t worry, even if it’s your first time. As long as you address the six issues above, you should easily find the best hardware for your furniture.

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