Seven Living Room Bar Ideas and Why You Should Try One

walnut casework anchors both sides of the original fireplace

If hopping from club to club anytime you need to charge is not your thing, then you need a bar in your home.

You can position it anywhere you like, but the ease of access makes the living room a strategic placement.  

Living Room Bar Ideas                 amazing living room

A living room bar is a more relaxed space to enjoy a glass of whiskey on icy rocks away from the masses and noises.

For booze-lovers who would love to try, there are more than a dozen living room bar ideas for any house size and design. But first, let’s learn the pros of having one.

Why Would You Need a Bar in Your Home?

living room with dark furniture

Drinking is your thing if you’re looking for living room bar ideas. But you might not know the full potential of a living room bar; or what value it can add to your lifestyle.

Here are the many advantages of a home bar;

1. Privacy

Wonderful living room with wooden furniture

Not every time is a time to hop from bar to bar. Sometimes you need to be left alone—you and your booze. And while clubs are full of suckers and annoying folks, your living room isn’t!

2. Convenience

The step-down bar is original to the home and was handmade with four different alternating kinds of wood.

Stocking your drinks at home is convenient because you get a drink when you want to.

You don’t have to go out for a drink when you can hardly sleep or the craving kicks in, and it’s midnight.

3. Cutting on cost

The most intriguing update to the property is the floating studio located over the carport.

Living room bar

You don’t always have money to spend on liquor, not all the time. Yet the urge to sip comes without notice.

Plus, bars want to make a profit, so visiting a club every time is an expensive lifestyle. A home bar is a cheaper alternative.

4. Fun & Social

Sophisticated living room bar

The informal side entrance leads right into the open living space, which hosts a family room, dining room, and kitchen.

Lastly, a home bar can entertain you better than a bar because you are in control. At home, you are free to listen to your favorite music or cook as you sip.

And drinking doesn’t have to be lonely; a living room bar can be the ideal place to host a meeting or social gathering with one, two, or three friends or family members.

7 Living Room Bar Ideas to Try

With rustic wood-paneling, the home also has plenty of built-in shelving.

You might be thinking, “I have a tiny room, thronged from corner to corner, do I really have a space for a bar?’

Well, there are many creative ways to add a bar to your house. Some of these living room bar ideas won’t even cost you a penny.

1. Organize a closet

The home's asymmetrical gabled roof defines the ceiling heights of the interior spaces.

living room bar ideas

As hinted earlier, you don’t have to set aside a special budget or a whole room for a home bar project. Organize an empty closet or build one in a strategic location.

If you build a new one, make sure it blends well with existing colors. But make sure it’s cozy and useful enough to store a couple of whine and whiskey bottles.

2. Build a real bar indoors

living room with wooden chairs

If you plan to drink for life and have space (and a budget) for a home bar, then you can bring a real bar indoors.

Make it as comfortable as you wish; add shelves, a counter, and bar stools to make it conspicuous from a distance.

3. Use a multipurpose Bar-cart

modern bar design in a living room

If you don’t have room to spare, then add a functional cart at the corner of your living room. Let this be the cart that carries all your liquor.

And you can keep “adding to cart” every time you purchase a new bottle to make it look even more attractive.

4. Do the Bookstand Bar

The bold form of the roofline and the geometric windows

Your bookstand can multitask as your bar! It sounds weird, but it is a trending design with striking results.

Arranging books and bottles carefully depending on your space can ensure one function does not hinder the other.

5. Recess into the wall

Recess into the wall

Another idea is to recess or dig into the wall to create storage space for your bottles.

Wine bottles on a recessed wall not only serves as a bar but also stands as an embodiment of beauty and design.

6. Add extra shelves or a cupboard

Add extra shelves or a cupboard

Introduce a cupboard to act as your bar or add additional shelving to existing furniture to create space for your bottles.

7. Build a DIY hook-on-wood wine rack

Build a DIY hook-on-wood wine rack

wonderful living room

Add metallic hooks on a piece of wood to form a hook-on-wood wine rack that you can stand anywhere in your living room.

Use what you have!

smart bar design in a living room

Building a home bar means finding a strategic storage space for your liquor, and maybe some seating to make a comfortable booze drinking area.

As you’ve seen, most living room bar ideas encourage you to use what you have.


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