Stylish Design for Your Living Room: Wooden Decorations

A white wall with plants and wooden decorations.

The living room is the place where you usually meet all your guests. It is crucial to make this room inviting and stylish. Wooden art may help you with this without spending much time or money. There are lots of ideas about the wooden decorations on the walls. You have to pick only those that answer your demands.

Tips for Cozy Living Room

No matter which style you have in the living room, you may find wooden decorations suitable for it. Pay attention to the trendiest ideas here. You don’t have to limit yourself only by the living room and can use them everywhere around the house:

  • Travel from home. You can hang a photo with a wooden frame from your favorite place on earth or you can try a USA wood map that already consists of all your favorite states and places. Pick the design, whether it will be big or small, monochromatic or colorful, and pin the flags to the states you’ve been to. The same goes for any country and any place on earth;
  • Puzzle with different sizes of wooden sticks and different colors. You can gather it yourself. All you need is to combine pieces of wood that usually don’t match together. Use superglue to keep the pieces of wood attached tightly. You may even try to create the shape of geometric figure with darker and lighter shades;
  • Elegancy is in the color. Pick a slightly rustic and dark wooden picture on your white walls. It looks incredibly stylish and elegant. It may be a carved picture with floral ornament;
  • Wooden symmetry. If you like the pattern on a wooden placard, you can buy two. They can be identical and elongate the room visibly. Symmetrical pieces make the room bigger;
  • Carved panels. Consider them a piece of art that adds elegance to any room. It immediately attracts the attention of everyone whether it is carved with shapes of flowers or animals. You can place them in the living room of any design;
  • Large wooden framed mirror. Lightwood as the frame of the mirror will make it look even larger. However, you have to keep in mind that this mirror requires space. If you have a big room, you may easily add this decoration to it;
  • Wall with your portraits. Wooden frames with your pictures inside are perfect solutions for any living room. Wood may stay unnoticeable, so you can concentrate on the pictures inside. This type of decoration can be hand-made. You still need to buy wooden frames of different sizes and decide where to place them;
  • Match the wood and green plants. You can hang the wooden board right above the sofa and place small green plants on it. Let them hang from the wall, decorating your room. This is not an expensive idea, but you need to have small plants in the pots to hang on the board.
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A Perfect Living Room

There is always a place for improvement or change in your house. You can experiment with style or decorations. The best thing is that the wooden art does not cost much and is affordable to everyone. You can use one or all the ideas from the article. Hopefully, they will help you to create a cozy house.

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