The Vintage Contemporary – Blending Modern and Classic Decor

A collage of pictures featuring a vintage living room and contemporary dining room.

Do you have an eye for interior style? Do you have a subscription (or few) to the latest and greatest in interior design mags? Perhaps you enjoy regular projects around the house, sprucing it up, room by room? We understand. It’s a positive, and increasingly rare, trait to take pride in your home.

Yet you may be faced with a problem! There’s so many different design palettes out there that how do you choose the right one?

There may not be a definitive answer to that dilemma, but today we’re going to have a look at how blending modern and classic decor can really make your place stand out.

Relaxing in Style

The loungeroom is the logical place to start. Aside from the kitchen, it’s likely to be your most utilised space. After all, it’s where you relax after a long days work and there’s nothing quite like kicking back in some leather reclining chairs with a nice drink in hand and your favourite Netflix show on.

Leather is a great option for those looking to blend classic and modern themes in their living space. Leather will always have a touch of classic class to it, while modern furniture designs speak to a more progressive and forward-thinking era.

Eating With Elegance

A great way to mix and match between modern and classic decor is in the dining room. You have a few options here. The first is to choose a polished timber dining table and matching chair set for your centrepiece.

A dining room with hardwood floors and a large window in a Vintage style.

This will stand out in the middle of the room and speak to classic elegance and style. You can then offset this austerity with modern art adorning the walls or some choice small sculptures in the corners.

Decorating Your Home With Bold Neon Hues

The other option is the converse of this. Opt for an modern, sleek stainless steel or polished concrete dining table with chrome chairs or bar stools and offset that with more classic art or sculpture.

In the Bathroom

Nothing speaks to classic design like a clawfoot bathtub. Install one of those beasts in your bathroom and contrast it with polished steel fittings for your taps. Complete the classic tones with some black and white tiles on your floor and walls and choose an ultra-modern shower unit.

A bathtub sitting on a vintage rug in a bathroom.

Doors and Windows

These are often overlooked when people design their homes, and it’s a huge mistake. These furnishings literally frame your room and can really create a lasting impression. One hot tip is to choose some traditional sash windows and contrast them against some edgy, ultra-modern door frames.

Light Fittings

Now here is a subtle design tip that can really make your room pop. If a room has a more dominant, classic feel then offset that with some modern light fittings. Head to your local lighting shop and you’ll find that you’re spoiled for choice. If the room has a more modern vibe then choose a traditional light fitting. A small chandelier can work wonders here.

A bedroom with a contemporary chandelier.
New Mini Chandeliers For Bedroom

To Conclude

Begin in your lounge room and opt for a leather setting in a modern design, so you get the best of classic aesthetic and modern style.

Pick your dining table, art and decorations in your dining space carefully and consider how you can compare and contrast the styles. A clawfoot tub in the bathroom offset against modern tap fittings and shower can really pop.

Corrugated Metal in the Home

Don’t forget your doors and windows – pick one to make modern and one to hark back to the classic era. Finally, light fittings can really finish off a room. Just make sure to offset them against the room’s dominant theme.

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