5 Things to Consider When Buying a Family Home in Phoenix

A red building with a tree in front, located in Phoenix.

Photo Credit:  Ernest Brillo ( Unsplash)

If you are considering buying a family home, Phoenix is the place for you. Phoenix offers luxurious spas and resorts, great shopping and restaurants, sports, and access to the great outdoors. As one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, the housing market is booming. According to forecasts, house prices will continue to rise, so you will be able to enjoy your investment while it appreciates. If you are looking to buy a family home and set down some roots in Phoenix, here are some factors you should consider before taking the plunge : 

How Far Is It From the City and the Best Amenities?

As you may know, housing prices depend on proximity to the city, access to freeways and public transportation, and schools. The further away from the city you are, the more affordable property becomes. If a longer commute to the city center isn’t a problem for you, you’ll find you have a broader range of housing options, including the bigger and more modern homes in the market.

Consider the Financial Implications of Your Decision

Talk to lending institutions and learn about the types of home loans that are available. Consider what kind of a down payment would be needed, the monthly installments on loan, and how long it would take to pay off the loan. Remember to have some additional funds available just in case there are unforeseen house maintenance issues and repair bills that need to be taken care of. 

What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?

When you picture your family home, do you have any particular styles in mind? Phoenix offers a variety of housing styles. You can choose from historic neighborhoods with old-world bungalows, ranch-style homes, Spanish stucco housing and Mediterranean style with red-tile roofs. The choices are endless.

Inquire About Potential Pest Issues

Depending on whether it’s the desert climate, close to water, or a mountainous area, there could be all kinds of creatures that thrive in the environment. The house you’re considering or the neighborhood you are interested in may have issues with scorpions or termites. Termites can cause major property damage in Phoenix. A qualified inspector would be able to tell you if they would pose a threat to a particular structure. Roof rats are also a well-known menace in certain parts of Phoenix. Check the seller’s disclosures, as they have to disclose this information.  

When Is It Best to Buy?

According to data, many houses come onto the market around July or August. Remember that it usually takes about three months to close a deal, so buying too close to Christmas may be difficult, as sellers may not consider your offer during the holiday season.

April is National Fair Housing Month in Phoenix. Even if you miss the fair, you can always find out more about the housing market in general or about Phoenix multi family homes for sale by going online or by calling a trusted real estate agent. These professionals will be able to advise you about the best neighborhoods and best deals to suit your budget and your lifestyle.

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