5 Winter Gardening Tasks (To Get Ready For Spring!)

A wooden building with several shovels hanging on the wall, suitable for winter gardening.

If you take on these 5 winter gardening tasks, you’ll be ahead of the game in the spring. In fact, I’m sure you’re already going stir crazy. So here are some great ways to set yourself up for springtime success.


Your hand tools are vital to your gardening. Spend time sharpening blades and replacing split handles now. This will make your tools ready for that first warm day!

A wooden building with several shovels hanging on the wall, suitable for winter gardening.
Because they get heavy use, check shovels for splits in the handles. Tackle repairs during the winter.
A person pruning a branch in winter using pruning shears.
Also, sharpen pruning shears if needed and add a drop of oil to keep them moving freely. | Fiskars


I have half-used packets of seeds on hand. Test grow them indoors to see if the seeds will germinate. If they do, save them for spring. However, toss them if they don’t! Not sure how to start seeds indoors? We’ve got you covered – read this guide!

A person is spraying a tray of toilet paper rolls, indoors.
Upcycle toilet paper tubes to start those seeds! | AZ Plant Lady
Seedlings for indoor gardening in trays.
Of course, plastic trays work well |Photo: newsprepper.com


As you may know, soil quality makes a big impact on your garden’s production. Whether you’re growing roses, tomatoes, or herbs, you can’t formulate the correct amount of nutrients without testing your soil.

You can get soil test kits from your local agricultural extension office. Some nurseries also sell them. You collect the soil, send it off for testing, and receive an email report that explains what you need.

A backyard garden featuring raised beds and an earthy ambiance.
Of course, properly nourished soil gives you the best garden. | Perfect Backyard Design Plans
A shady spot with a bush of blue flowers in front of a wooden fence.
In fact, the color or your hydrangea flower is determined by the soil’s nutrients.| North Coast Gardening


I’m a messy gardener. I love to pull out all the stops…and tools. However, I fail to put them back in place. Be diligent in returning things to their correct place. Of course, discard broken or worn out items.

A cozy tiny house nestled in the woods, perfect for winter gardening.
Because you take the time to clean out your shed in the winter, you will have a start on spring cleaning!
A metal shed in a backyard with a lawn mower for winter gardening.
Even the tiniest of sheds is better when tidy. | Arrow Sheds


Admittedly, I saved the most boring task for last. Because you’re a smart gardener, you drained your hoses, blew them out, and stored them for the winter.

A Treehouse Castle

But, think back. Did they have leaks, drips, or even splits? This is the time to repair small leaks and drips. There are hose repair kits at your local garden center. It’s far cheaper to repair them than purchase new ones. And you’ll save valuable spring planting time by being prepared!

A garden hose is being used to water the grass.
A good quality hose is important to making gardening enjoyable. | Raise Your Garden
A garden hose reel on a white background, perfect for winter gardening.
In addition, a properly stored garden hose will last longer. | Lowes

On a final note, getting out to your shed to complete these winter gardening tasks will help keep you connected to your garden during the long, cold winter. Bundle up, head out to the shed, and enjoy your time getting ready for the first blush of spring.

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