7 Ideas to Consider for Your Man Cave

Man cave with a pool table.

Having a man cave is a dream come trust to most men. This is a safe space. A space designed just for you—filled with the things you love most and a style that’s all yours. A place where you can escape when life becomes challenging. For some men, a man cave is nothing more than a fully stocked fridge, a TV, and some sports/car/tool/alcohol signage thrown about. But a man cave can be so much more than that with the right inspiration. If you’re currently planning your man cave, here are seven ideas you must consider.

1. Bar

Bars come in all shapes and sizes, and if you like entertaining, then a bar should be on your list of man cave must-haves. You can opt for a dry bar or a wet bar depending on your budget, the location of your man cave, and your needs. If you want a wet bar, having access to plumbing is important; however, a professional plumber can always run water lines and plumbing for you. According to Fix It Right Plumbing, “Working with existing plumbing is always less invasive to the homeowner, but adding water lines is still something that can be done to help a homeowner reach their renovation goal.”

A man cave with stools and a TV.

2. Games

Even if you plan on just lounging around most of the time in front of a TV, having a few built-in games in your man cave can help provide more entertainment when necessary. Hanging up a dart board is an easy way to provide more entertainment to your guests. If you enjoy video games, why not consider an older arcade game (or two)? And depending on the type of floor you have in the man cave, putting down a shuffle board game right on the floor provides instant entertainment. Just think about what would make you happy and then go from there 

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A man cave featuring a bowling alley with bowling pins and bowling balls.

3. Bathroom

Having a bathroom in your man cave can help ensure you never have to leave! If your man cave is already roughed in for a bathroom, then it will be an easier addition to your cave. If not, this is something you can hire a plumber to do. Keep in mind if there are other plumbing needs you will want in your man cave, having it all done at once will be less intrusive to your man cave and easier on your wallet.

A bathroom in a man cave, featuring a toilet and a sink.

4. Theater Seating

Whether you plan on having people over to watch the big game or to enjoy your love of movies, having theater seating in your man cave ensures everyone has a good seat and a great view of the game/movie. And with so many online tutorials, there are plenty of ways you can make this happen, even in a tighter space. Adding a high table with high top seats behind a couch is one way to do it or adding small rises in the floor for seating can give everyone a nice view. You can also check another interesting home theater in this Beverly Hills compound.

A man cave with a large screen and recliners.
Theater seating

5. Surround Sound

Once again, whether the game or a movie, having surround sound in your man cave will ensure you feel like you’re a part of what’s happening on screen. There are a variety of surround sound options out there that will fit your style and your budget, so you need to research what would be best in your space. And with so many advancements in technology today, chances are you’ll be able to control it all from your phone.

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A man cave with a large screen and chairs.
Surround Sound

6. Humidor

A humidor can be a necessity if your man cave allows smoking. And if it doesn’t, a humidor can still be an aesthetically pleasing touch to your man cave and a great way to keep your cigars fresh when you do use them. Humidors come in many different sizes, and if you opt for the humidor that is a table, you can use it for additional storage or places for your guests to keep their drinks. 

A Man cave with leather furniture and a wine cellar.

7. Décor

While décor may not be something you think of, there are plenty of décor options that can make your man cave better for everyone who visits. For instance, bottle openers ensure your drinks are always accessible while posters or pictures of your favorite sports team or action figure can help make the place your own. Think about what would make you happy and then use that to fuel your décor ideas.

A black and red Man cave home bar with a tv.
A contemporary man cave with a pool table.

A man cave can be anything you want it to be, and it should be a reflection of you and what you like. Let these ideas be the inspiration, be sure to make your man cave unique to you.

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