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Transform your yard space into a welcoming and beautiful garden. Learn how to create outdoor rooms for relaxing and entertaining.

Unique Shrubbery Designs

Every once in a while you may find yourself driving up to your house and taking a glance around. After all the hard work you've put into making the interior of your house and the outer walls beautiful, you've noticed that you neglected the plants and shrubbery that surround it. Or, for those that tend to pay more attention...

Adding Curb Appeal with Beautiful Window Shutters

Every home needs a facelift at some point or another. Usually, home owners decide to spruce up the interior of the house. After all, the kitchen and bathrooms often bring up the value of the house. Once those areas are finished, the backyard is typically next on the list of to-dos and make-overs for a house to bring in...

Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Everyone

A growing trend with homeowners that have a backyard space is the outdoor fireplace. These are are not only a provider of warmth, but are usable year-round, which adds more value. You can congregate with friends and family during the summer months to make hotdogs and hamburgers (or even pizzas depending not he type of fireplace you have). In...

Winter Floral Arrangements

The most important part of any winter floral arrangement is the colors that you choose. You'll mostly want to stick with cooler colors, like blue, green or purple. These should be in duller hues, with maybe one of them brighter to add some vibrancy. You can also pull in silver or white to add a neutral aspect that will...

Enticing Home Entry Walkways for Curb Appeal

Everyone knows that your home's appeal begins with the outer aesthetics. To most, this means keeping up with the lawn, garden, outer paint and driveway. What tends to be forgotten is the home entry walkway. Sure, people see the broad picture of your home first, but then they must walk up the entryway to enter your home. If this...

Beautiful Backyard Stone Work Concepts

What better time to begin work in your backyard to primp it for the summer than now? Sure, it may be cold outside, but this is the best time to remodel your yard so it's ready for a grand unveiling the first day of summer. Although you can't really change the size or shape of your yard, there are...

Creating an Outdoor Vertical Garden

Outdoor vertical gardens are not only gaining recognition, but are rising in popularity as well. They are perfect for any house, as they require vertical space, relying only on area that is on walls or fences. This means that you don't need a humongous backyard to grow your dream flower, spice or vegetable garden. It's foundation is based upon...

Five Facelifts For Your Deck

Let's face it, sometimes it's not only the interior of your house that needs a makeover. We've compiled some inspiration to help you find the way to your dream deck. An often forgotten space is the area below the deck.  renovating the sub-deck space into a small patio will provide another area to relax, party, grill, roast marshmallows or escape...

Classic manor houses gardens

This very grand set of garden inspiration is best suited to classic manor houses and more modern mansions, but that doesn't stop us all from reveling in the natural beauty that thrives there. As we hop over the stepping stones, across huge manicured lawns, we might also find a few ideas that will translate into smaller nature spaces and...