Cost To Build a Roof Over a Deck (5 Helpful Tips)

A house with a swimming pool and a wooden deck.

Nowadays, most homeowners have begun to spend on roofing decks. Rooftop decks add a beautiful exterior to your home and increase the value of your home. In most areas in the US, professionally built decking roofs will cost between $30-$75 per square foot. Yet, the cost might further increase depending on the roofing materials, workforce, or design. But if you consider a DIY project, it could cost you between $12-$16 per square foot.

Roofing decks are fast becoming a consideration for most modern homeowners. This article looks at all costs of adding a roof over an existing deck.

Does a Roofed Deck Add Value to your Home?

Yes, this home improvement adds financial and aesthetic value to your home. However, we also acknowledge the luxury of spending some time outside your house without the worry of rain or hot sun.

Financial value

The truth is the more you spend on home upgrades, the more the value of your home increases. Roofing decks are no different; investing in a quality shaded deck will indeed increase the resale value of your home.

Aesthetic value

Roofed decks introduce your home to dramatic shades and vibrant hues, making your home more appealing. It also gives you and your family an outdoor experience in the comfort of your home.

Rooftop Decking Experience

Rooftop decking transforms your home’s uppermost level into a functional, versatile space. This unique indoor and outdoor living blend provides an elevated, private retreat that extends your living area. The element of rooftop decking allows you to enjoy the outdoors in most weather conditions, given the protective nature of the roof. This combination of comfort and practicality underlines why rooftop decking is a valuable and appealing home addition.

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What to Consider Before you Build a Roof Over a Deck

The first thing to consider is the desired size of the roof. The size will allow you to select the most suitable materials for beams and rafters to use. Wood is by far the most commonly used material that leaves your deck looking stunning. Other materials to consider are metal and fiberglass.


Since the deck is an exterior feature of your home, it is important to consider durable wood even in harsh weather conditions. Wood beams and rafters to use usually come in these sizes 6×6, 6×2, 8×2, 10×2. Here are some different woods to use for beams and rafters and the cost of each:

Wood roof


Cedar is preferable due to its resistance to insects and rot. Besides, its lightweight is perfect for existing decks and will add little pressure to the existing boards. The price of installing deck roofing will cost you between $3-$6 per square foot of cedarwood.


This option is much better than cedar but a bit more expensive too. Costing between $6-$9 per square foot of redwood, you should expect the price to be a bit higher in the eastern states due to its scarcity. It is important to note that redwood is heavier than cedar and could exert more pressure on the existing deck.


Pine is a light, straight, and common building material. Its natural look and ease of assembling make it a preferred option for roofing decks. However, pine is a softwood that rots and is not insect resistant. Once the decking is complete, it will need to a sealed against moisture, usually by painting. A pinewood decking roof is between $20-$30 per square foot to install. Price includes other materials and paint.

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Metal decking roof

Metal is generally cheaper than wood and hence is cost-efficient. Metal also has a strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring it will not be heavy on the existing structure. The most common metal used in decking roofs is aluminum. It enjoys durability, rot and insect resistance, and low maintenance features. The cost of an aluminum shade is between $9.50-$32, inclusive of other relevant materials for use when roofing.

Fiberglass decking roof

Usually built on a wooden decking structure, fiberglass comprises oriented strand boards (OBS). This glass-reinforced plastic is waterproof, flexible, and durable, although quite expensive. Installing fiberglass roofing decks can cost you $58-$75, including other needed materials.

Fiberglass decking roof

Options for Putting a Roof Over a Deck

A roofed deck can be of different styles and shapes. It is best to consider a style that matches and compliments your home design and environment. A roofing deck is also known as a patio cover. Styles include:

Shed Roof style: At times called a lean-to roof, it is a roof hoisted to the house where the rafters lay against the wall. This design has one slope only. Gable Roof: Gable roofs have two slant sides and are harder to build. They need to correlate with the wall structure or an existing roof. This design will need carpentry skills to execute and hence not recommended for DIY.

Pergola: Pergola is a stand-alone structure that is not always attached to a house. Pergolas use an open-frame structure that offers shade but will not cover you from rain. A pergola is build using timber posts and laced with wooden rafters and beams that run across it. The pergola design allows you to grow plants such as grapevine around it, creating a refreshing scenery.

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Tips for Building a Roof Over a Deck

  • Before placing the beams, ensure the height of each is exact to allow the lowest part of the roof to have an even surface.
  • You should use long galvanized screws to penetrate at least 2 inches into the deck frame when bolting. These screws make the structure firm and durable.
  • Consider your roof deck slope before installing one. Different decks have different inclinations and dimensions. It will depend on the design you want, keeping in mind the sun’s direction from your deck to avoid direct rays. Determine the best style for your home.
  • After building the roofing deck using timber, applying a protective coat over the structure is important. It will protect it from rotting and drying, plus it will add a shine to the surface of the wood, making it brighter and appealing.
  • Finishing off your shaded deck, add aesthetic designs for a unique look. These finishing may include shapes over the roofing or flowers around the structure.


A nice roofed deck will not only give your home a classy touch but will also increase your home sitting area. The splendor of building a roof over an existing deck will not only give you a beautiful exterior. But it will also increase your home’s value when you intend to sell it. Here are some steps of buidling a roofing deck.

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