Essential Plants for Kitchen Gardens

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Unfortunately, it's hard work. Use whatever tools work best for you. (

Kitchen gardens are gardens which are located as near as possible to your kitchen door. This allows you to grow your own vegetables, herbs, and fruits right within easy reach when you’re cooking. Kitchen gardens provide you with nutritious and fresh foods for an entire season.

These plants can be grown in a variety of ways. You can start a raised bed garden, a container garden, or plant them directly into the earth.

Take a look.

Essential Plants for Kitchen Gardens

Leaf Lettuce

Use leaf lettuce in salads or to top a sandwich. Grow in decorative pots and watch the show.

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Indeed, owners of kitchen gardens vote for leafy green lettuce as their favorite crop.


Toss chives in a salad or top anything! Of course, everyone loves the flavor.

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Because they are versatile, chives are another favorite.


Grow strawberries in a vertical stacking container for a yearly crop.

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Of course, sweet and juice strawberries are always popular.


Because it is an evergreen plant, you can enjoy rosemary almost year round.

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Gardeners use rosemary for seasoning everything.


Grow parsley in a container or in the ground for good flavor!

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You probably know this. Parsley is one of the most widely used herbs in the world.

Sweet Basil

Use sweet basil fresh or make a pesto to freeze for the winter.

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Sweet basil grows equally well in containers or in the ground.


Is there anything better than the peppery bite of arugula on your pizza?

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In addition to using it in salads, chefs pair arugula with tomato sauces. Divine!


Grow tomatoes to use fresh. Or, can or freeze them for the winter months.

Plant tomatoes for their juicy flavor.


Black thumb? Plant lavender. It’s foolproof!

Aside from cooking use, plant lavender for the showy flowers.

Snap Peas

Snap peas grow quickly. This means you get to enjoy the goodness in just a few short weeks.

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Grow quick-harvest plants like snap peas.

Kitchen gardens provide home cooks with a bounty of flavor. In addition, these gardeners enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they grew their own ingredients.



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