Importance of Re-Aligning Your Living Room

A living room with vibrant walls and a stylish couch.

Rearranging large, bulky furniture sounds like a daunting and unnecessary chore. Moreover, you already went through the stress of deciding where to put everything for the perfect living room.

So, why should you go through the trauma again? Why do you need to re-align your living room? These are just some of the questions that often come to mind when you think about re-aligning your living room. What’s the upside?

Interestingly, there are endless benefits of rearranging your living room, some even health-related! The following are just a few living room realignment ideas that will change your mind;

You give the space a free makeover

How often have you wished to give your living room a makeover? How often have you wished you could just improve a few things to make the area a little more welcoming? Realignment offers the perfect opportunity to make the changes for which you’ve always yearned.

The problem is that most people think you must repaint the walls and bring in a new carpet, among other expensive makeovers, to truly change the face of any room. No, you don’t. Even moving the sofa around and changing the table’s location can do wonders for your space.

For instance, rearranging the furniture can improve lighting, make it easier to access various parts of the room, and allow you to have more intimate family time.

Re-Aligning Your Living Room with Colorful Furniture.

It’s an opportunity to declutter

We all understand the benefits of decluttering a space. For one, it helps you fall in love with your home again. Taking out the items that originally put you off and caused you to hate the space and only retaining important items that you feel attached to instantly make you love the space again.

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Of course, decluttering also makes the space safer and more appealing. It also makes you more productive.

Re-aligning your living room is an opportunity to declutter. As you move about the furniture to give your living room a new style, you can eliminate items that you think no longer fit into the new style. For instance, you can take out the older chairs and tuck away the files and books lying aimlessly.

A living room with a yellow couch and re-aligning chairs.

It makes cleaning easier

Two of the dirtiest places in any living room are the portion of the floor under the sofa and the wall section directly behind the heavy furniture, such as sofas and movable cabinets. For example, can you remember the last time you cleaned under the carpet? For some people, it’s been several years.

There are many dangers of going long periods without cleaning these areas. For instance, dust accumulation in these areas can cause or aggravate breathing issues, including asthma. Similarly, cold spots in these areas can harbor mold. Mold triggers allergies and can also cause lung disease.

Re-aligning your living room is a chance to deep clean these areas. It also gives you the chance to uncover deep-seated issues in these areas and scrub them out before they damage your wall or floor.

Re-Aligning Your Living Room with a red sectional sofa.

Rearranging your room makes you feel happier

You probably didn’t see this one coming. However, scientific studies show that rearranging your home relieves stress, gives you a sense of relief, and, overall, makes you happier, which is good for your health and wellbeing.

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For instance, one study shows that any impact on your environment, whether an imprint or removal, lifts mood, provides concrete satisfaction, and instills a sense of effectiveness. It further shows that inner and outer harmony is realized when you place the pieces in your environment in a way that makes sense for you.

Other studies also show that tending to settings that you’re emotionally attached to, such as your living room, elevates mood because as you putter, you’re emotionally connected, and your mind moves.

A modern living room with white walls and white furniture, re-aligning your space.

It’s good for your health and safety

Finally, re-aligning your living room can have a massive impact on your health and safety. First and foremost, rearranging furniture has significant mental health benefits. Psychologists say that it increases your dopamine levels while suppressing cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that causes stress and anxiety, while dopamine lowers the two.

Rearranging your home also boosts creativity, increases imagination, and helps you adapt to change while driving away lethargy.

Similarly, changing the arrangement in your living room can increase the sense of safety. According to environmental psychologist Lee Chambers, the arrangement of your furniture feeds into your instincts to use the environment as protection. Where you place the sofas, tables, and other items in the room determines whether you feel safe or not. In other words, you can purposely re-align a space to a layout that makes you feel safer.


Rearranging a space has many benefits. It allows you to clean rarely-cleaned areas, provides an opportunity to declutter, and can make you feel happier and safer. So, maybe it’s time to change your mindset about re-aligning your living room.

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