Seven Tips to Have a Fun Family Weekend

Seven people sitting in a park.

If you are looking for ways to prevent your family from getting into a weekend rut, then the following seven tips of the activity list will help you plan something fun instead.

Make Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? And your kids will certainly get over-excited at the sound of “cupcakes.” What is even better – they will be making the cupcakes themselves. You can use this opportunity to teach them about blessing others by doing a good deed and have them later share their cupcakes with the less privileged.

Enjoy a Bike Ride

Sometimes, the best way to spend a boring weekend is by changing the scenery and enjoying a ride bike. You can also opt for the local park or high school track.

There are countless spots to choose from for a happy family bike ride. First things first – get equipped and get your bikes or scooters out. If your kids don’t have any, you can get safe and fun kids electric scooters at Mytopia and start exploring new nature paths.

If scooters and bikes aren’t the thing, you can always opt for rollerblades or skates.

Plan a Movie Night

Screen time can be turned into a special family event with a movie night. Select a movie that everyone in the family will enjoy. Prepare popcorn, snacks, and drinks in advance. What is even better – you could serve the snacks in fun bowls, get a blanket, and have everyone cuddle together on the floor or couch.

Believe us when we tell you that family movie nights are the best nights your kids will remember.

Plant Flowers

This weekend, you might want to get your kids close to nature and teach them a bit about gardening. You might want to take your kids to the nearest gardening center and introduce them to herbs, plants, and flowers that they can grow in the garden.

Once you are back home, you can teach them about the entire planting process. Make your kids choose their respective spots in the garden and have them grow their plants. You can keep reminding them about watering the new plants regularly.

Make Ice Cream

Ice cream is a favorite treat for kids and adults, so you might want to make a DIY ice cream bar this weekend. Prepare the bar by laying out toppings, including sliced bananas, crushed nuts, fresh strawberries, sliced blueberries, small candies, and tiny marshmallows.

You can then ask your kids to make an ice cream sundae and enjoy it together in the living room.

Bake Something

If your kids are keen young bakers, you can bake bread together. Bread is relatively easier as fewer ingredients are required, such as water, flour, and yeast, which you can get at the local store. You can indulge your kids in the measuring tasks needed to prepare the dough.

Finally, ask the young bakers to roll the dough into shape and bake it in the oven.

Plan a Picnic

If you want to prevent your kids from staring at the screen, you will want to plan a picnic. You don’t necessarily have to go far away – the nearest playground can also provide a perfect picnic spot. Prepare sandwiches, and if you want to make your kids happy, simply order a pizza and go for a picnic.

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