The Use of Precast Concrete in Residential Home Building

A modern precast concrete house in the middle of a field at dusk.

Although concrete is an exceptionally common commercial building material there are surprisingly few residential properties made from this versatile and durable product.

In many ways this is surprising. Precast concrete can be molded into almost any design shape; it is easy to make and fast to erect. Alongside this it is incredibly strong and likely to last for many years. The only thing you really need to watch for is concrete cancer but this is an increasingly rare issue.

It is important to choose a quality supplier, such as Total Precast. They will guarantee the supply of quality precast concrete sections and help you to design the perfect residential property.

There are several distinct benefits associated with precast concrete residential buildings:

Time Saving

The factory will prepare the concrete in the exact shape you and your architect specify. They can then deliver it to your site and a small crane will be necessary to lift it into place.

On average you should be able to install a precast concrete foundation in a tenth of the time it would take with the traditional approach.

Not only will you almost instantly have foundations but you’ll also be able to move straight onto the building stage.

The fact that very few laborers are needed for this stage makes it a great cost saving!

A modern precast concrete house in the middle of a grassy area.

Frame Work

Precast concrete panels can be interlocked to create a framework for your residential property. This is fast and extremely strong. Not only will these precast panels support the weight of several floors they will also help to ensure your home can survive the toughest of storms.

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Alongside this you’ll already have a great finish for the outside of your home. You can simply add gypsum board to the inside to create a smooth and attractive finish.

It is also important to note that the precast concrete can have channels built into it to allow for cables and pipe work; saving you time and mess on site.


If you opt for composite precast concrete you’ll be getting insulation sandwiched between two layers of concrete; this will help to ensure your energy bills are minimal and your house is comfortable.

Internal Walls

Precast concrete panels can even be made very slim to allow you to use them as internal walls. Of course it easier to fit these during the build stage!

The internal walls can also have insulation and can be made with a metal frame to make installation easy; or removal at a later date.

Environmental Concerns

Many people think of concrete as a bad material for the environment. This is because it is listed as one of the primary produces of carbon dioxide.

However, concrete may not be as bad as it sounds. The effect on the environment is in direct relation to the amount of concrete produced; it’s a lot.

In fact the resources for concrete occur naturally and obtaining them does not need to destroy the area permanently. In addition the production of concrete actually produces less carbon dioxide than most other construction materials. It may not be as green as reclaimed wood but it is better than you think!

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