Tips for Decorating Your Senior Loved One’s Bedroom

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If an elderly loved one is coming to your home to stay for some time, it’s understandable to be concerned about choosing a design style for their bedroom. Whether they are visiting for the holidays or moving in because they need some care, you need to get creative and design a space that will make them feel welcome, loved, and comfortable.  

Below are tips on creating an inviting and senior-friendly bedroom. 

Personalized Photo Blanket

Nothing brings backs sweeter memories than pictures. And there are a lot of ways you can incorporate them into the bedroom design, including standing frames, wall hangings and so on. However, some online retailers such as VisionBedding can create personalized photo blankets with one special picture your senior loved one will love. You can also choose a picture that matches the color theme of the room. 

The possibilities are endless – you can use a photo of the elderly loved one engaging in their favorite hobby, holding a pet, playing with grandchildren or when both grandparents were young. This personalized blanket will not only reignite some cherished memories, it will also send a gesture of love and help the senior have a sense of belonging in their new space.

Keep Cherished Possessions on Display

If your loved one has moved in with you, you’ll need to identify their favorite possessions. They can be pieces of art, pictures, antiques that have been passed down, or even a precious coffee mug, clock, or vase. Find thoughtful and interesting ways to showcase them. You can hang them on walls, place them on top of the nightstand or use a rustic table to exhibit their favorite items. 

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These personal possessions will offer a smooth transition while making the senior feel more comfortable. You can also honor their interests by adding some old books, classic magazines, and music records on a stylish display.

Pick a Stimulating Color Scheme

As people age, the way they see and perceive colors changes. Although your elderly loved one may not like bright colors, their room doesn’t have to look dull and drab. For a mood-enhancing atmosphere, use a warm and cheerful color scheme of yellow, white, and oak.

If you want something more conservative that still adds a strong dose of generous warmth, go for orange, mustard, and gold. If the senior has problems with their vision, choose a high-contrast color scheme to help them distinguish between different surfaces — dark furniture and white or sky blue walls, for example.

Install Dimmable Lights

Seniors’ eyes are highly sensitive to glare. Fortunately, you can protect their eyes by installing the right type of lights. The lighting you pick should be bright enough to help them move around safely and carry out tasks such as reading labels on medical containers or working on craft projects. To help them distinguish colors, use yellow-white bulbs. 

Dimmable lights are also a great option as they can be adjusted to reach the ideal brightness level for certain activities. Preferably, install lights that can be adjusted in terms of direction, location, and intensity to help your loved one focus on a specific task. You can also remove the need to turn on the lights by using motion-sensing bulbs.

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Switch to Lever-Style Door Knobs

It’s easy to overlook something as simple as a doorknob when designing your senior’s bedroom. But the fact is, many elderly individuals struggle to open round door knobs, especially if they suffer from arthritis. The motion required to rotate and turn a knob can cause unnecessary pain and inflammation in the wrist. 

A lever-style door knob makes things easier as you only need to push it down to open the door. Luckily, you can easily find lever door knob styles that will blend with any bedroom’s design.

Freshen the Air With an Indoor Plant

Adding greenery to the senior loved one’s room does more than enhance the room’s appearance. Houseplants can improve air quality, lighten the mood, sharpen attention, and even accelerate recovery. Plants absorb many pollutants in the air through their leaves, and it has been found that rooms with foliage have less dirt and mold. Some of the best houseplants include English lily, peace lily, snake plant, and spider plant.

Get a Flat Carpet

More than 25% of adults aged 65 and older fall each year in the U.S., and most of these falls happen at home. While you probably want an elegant carpet for your loved one, it needs to be smooth and even to the floor to lower the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. Carpets are an excellent option for seniors who have limited mobility or are at risk of falling. 

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Preferably, its pile height should be no thicker than 1/4 inch, and its padding should be very thin. This ensures the pile can’t get caught on the walking cane or trip the foot. Go for soothing carpet colors like blue, green, or peach.

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Modify Your Home to Meet the Needs of an Elderly Loved One

Transitioning your loved one into your home can seem challenging at first, but these decor tips will make their new bedroom feel like home in no time. Before choosing any design to boost the room’s aesthetics, make sure the addition improves convenience and doesn’t create a safety risk.

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