Upgrading Lifestyle – 6 Essentials for a Luxurious Living Room

An upgraded aerial view of a luxurious living room.


A living room is the heart of all social activities within a home. It’s a room designated for family time, entertainment bucket-lists, lounging and lazing, and serving desserts to your guests after dinner. The living room is indeed a versatile and multi-functional space that invites with its warmth and comfort.

The cozy fireplace, comfortable seating arrangements, and homely ambiance allow us to feel at peace. The living room is a space where everyone can unwind, fall back on cushiony pillows, and binge-watch Netflix for hours. We firmly believe that the living room is personal and intimate and requires a personalized décor.

Creating a living room straight out of a flashy showroom will only deny you comfort and warmth. You see, living rooms are lived-in spaces with comfortable lounging chairs, floor cushions, and sofa sets. It’s a relaxing space where you can unwind, kick off your shoes, and recline with a glass of wine. To personalize your living room space, you must look inward for inspiration. Keep reading to explore essential items to upgrade the luxury and comfort of your living room.

Comfortable Seating Arrangement

A living room space serves no purpose if it is devoid of comfortable seating and cozy nooks. The living room is the ultimate space to laze around on the couch and recline while watching your favorite TV shows. When it comes to curating a comfortable seating arrangement, you have to prioritize your preferences.

You can create an ambient arrangement of ottomans, a charming chesterfield sofa, settee, or a mid-century sofa. Some homeowners prefer the comfort of daybeds cluttered with comfy pillows, while others enjoy large L-shaped sofas. However, if you live in Knoxville, it’s wise to explore the variety and designs across the city or simply Google it by typing ‘furniture stores Knoxville TN‘ for further assistance. Observing market trends and industry best-sellers will help you purchase a striking custom-made design.

Consider pairing up a large L-shaped sofa with an expansive Chesterfield and a sleek daybed on the side. If your family enjoys lounging in the living room, this seating arrangement will create plenty of space and comfort. You can always prop up some ottoman stools to create additional seating while entertaining large crowds.

Bright & Energetic Accents

How can you jazz up your living room with happy and joyful energy? The energy of your living room will reflect throughout the home. A living room that exudes an infectiously charming sunny yellow color or multi-colored accents will put everyone in a good mood.

Vibrant living rooms are brighter spaces, brimming with energy and an inviting ambiance. If you have a creative eye for details, prefer incorporating multiple energizing shades and hues to create an artful kaleidoscope. Some find serenity in simplistic shades and fresh pastels, while others prefer dark and rich tones.

You can add in more color by picking out vibrant cushions, colorful rugs, wall art, and fixtures. It’s best to select the color palette you wish to create and then keep incorporating shades that complement the pattern.

Carpets & Rugs

Feathery white rugs are the ultimate symbol of Hollywood-inspired luxury. But living like movie stars requires vigilant cleaning or an army of domestic cleaners. If you can manage the cleaning requirements and prevent wine spillages, white rugs are a fabulous décor element.

Most homeowners prefer a live-in and homely appeal to give their living room an inviting warmth. Adding rich textures, dark color palettes, and ethnic accents, such as Moroccan rugs or Afghani kilims, creates a luxurious appeal. However, some homeowners like to add one large carpet to give a more aesthetic look to your room. Others enjoy adding multiple rugs and carpets to create a juxtaposed blend of rich textures and vibrant ethnic creations.

Rugs and carpets are a great way to personalize your living room space and creating a mix of striking colors. You can also use the carpet to create a comfortable floor seating arrangement with enormous floor cushions.

Photo Walls & Galleries

Most of you might relate luxury with art, architecture, and antiques, but the living room isn’t a space for showcasing art. You see, crystal porcelain will only turn your living room into a showy drawing area. Instead, it is best to choose some interesting art pieces and antiques to create a personalized, homely, and lived-in appeal. Choosing wall art and antiques for the living room can prove challenging if you don’t look inward for inspiration.

Deck your living room with art, antiques, and decorations that appeal to your taste. Pick out paintings, graphic posters, tapestries, and wall art that you’d actually want to see every single day. For a personalized outlook, we strongly advise you to create photo gallery walls in the room. Dress up your living room in the fondest, most beautiful memories of your family.

Large photo frames carrying precious moments from your wedding day, your baby’s first birthday, and memorable vacations can work wonders. It will create an intimate and unique ambiance, allowing everyone to feel connected and at home.

Large & Exquisite Mirrors

A classic symbol of opulence and luxury mirrors are a definite must-have for smaller living rooms. You see, mirrors create the illusion of spaciousness and will make your living room appear roomy and large. A large mirror will create an artful arrangement and gives it a more luxurious look.

Consider adding a large mirror on a bare wall or multiple small mirrors entwined in your photo gallery. Either way, mirrors are a great trick to give your living room space a deeper and accentuated dimension. You can explore designs that best compliment the overall aesthetics of your space. Some prefer gold-dipped mirrors with a charming antique appeal, while others prefer rugged wooden mirrors.

A Cozy Reading Nook

If you’re a family of avid readers, creating a lovely little reading nook is a terrific idea. If you have a large window, consider making a comfortable window bed to enjoy the sunshine while devouring literature. You can also create a nook with comfy recliners and neatly erected shelves carrying your favorite books.


Ultimately, it becomes a messy and cluttered space with a lived-in vibe no matter how we decorate our living room. Therefore, it’s essential to stay focused and set priorities. It is better to go with fixtures and furniture that can withstand indoor play sessions, wine spillage, and couch-eating sessions for the living room. You can upgrade your comfort and luxury by prioritizing fixtures and furniture items that make you feel at home.

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