What Kind of Patio is Right For You?

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The official beginning of summer is just a few weeks away in the USA.  This brings us to thoughts of cookouts, backyard lounging and outdoor family gatherings.  An outdoor space that is comfortable, functional and visually appealing is paramount to many who enjoy their backyard.  The question is, what kind of patio is right for you?  Let’s examine some of the options for outdoor spaces.

A spacious backyard with a fire pit and patio.
Enjoying the backyard at night is one of the pleasures of a nice patio space (homeemoney.com)

Patio Surface Options

Stone pavers, slate, brick and gravel are a few of the options available for constructing a patio space.  It is a matter of aesthetic preference, cost and amount of work involved.  You should have an idea of how you want the finished space to look and how you will be using it.

A patio with an umbrella.
Stone pavers give a touch of elegance with raised areas and rounded steps (HGTV)

Stone Pavers

Stone pavers are a popular choice.  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors.  They are relatively easy to install and the cost is moderate.  For a 120 square foot space, stone pavers range from $380 to $580.  Installed by a professional, the cost would be $1350 to $1800.

An overhead perspective of a patio furnished with a table and chairs.
Stone pavers are a popular backyard surface material (jacobsenlandscape.com)

Slate or Flagstone

Slate or flagstone is a great choice for a more natural look; however, the cost is significantly higher than pavers.  Slate ranges from $875 – $970 for a 120 square foot space.  Installed, the cost is $1750 to $2250.  As an option, you can use slate as an accent along with other materials.

A stone patio with chairs and a fire pit.
Natural slate patio area (digsdigs)
A patio with flowers.
Slate tiles are a beautiful addition to your outdoor space (jeriko.us)

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is the easiest to install and most affordable option for the patio or any outdoor space.  Priced at only about $5 per square foot installed, gravel can be used in borders, around fire pits and even as patio material when given the proper borders.  It is also easy to install, which would cut the price in half.

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A small backyard with a wooden patio.
Get creative with gravel on your patio (HGTV)
A patio with a fire pit and chairs.
Extend your patio with an area for a fire pit, surrounded by gravel (Pinterest)


Brick is a universally appealing choice for outdoor surfaces.  The cost of brick is $440 to $670 for 120 square feet or $1450 to $1900 installed.  You can create various patterns with brick to make it more interesting and visually appealing.

A small backyard with a patio.
Traditional brick patio with stone insets creates and welcoming place to relax and entertain (stewiesplayground.com)
A brick patio with furniture and a fire pit.
Brick in a structured pattern adds interest (urbangardensinc.com)


When it comes to a backyard patio, comfort is key to enjoying the space to its fullest.  Nice seating, a fire pit for cooler nights and umbrellas for sunny spots are a few essentials.  Treat your outdoor space like you would any gathering spot in your home.

A fire pit on a patio.
Create outdoor living spaces on the patio (theydesign.net)

Comfortable seating is a must if you plan to spend time in the backyard.  Sturdy outdoor furniture can be arranged in separate areas.  A conversation area and a dining area can serve you well for everyday use as well as entertaining.

A backyard with patio furniture.
Having a variety of seating areas makes for a great entertaining space (Pinterest)

Umbrellas can give you protection from the sun if your yard lacks natural shade.  Not only do they serve a great purpose, but umbrellas add a nice decorative touch as well.

A patio with umbrellas and fire pit.
If you don’t have shade in your backyard, create your own with umbrellas (evafurniture.com)

A fire pit or fireplace is an excellent addition to any patio.  Offering warmth and coziness, a fire element enhances the outdoor experience in all seasons.

A patio with furniture.
Adding an outdoor fireplace makes for a cozy spot for relaxing and entertaining (patiodesign.info.com)


When planning your patio, think of the function it will serve.  Do you just want a simple place to relax and enjoy the backyard?  Do you entertain often?  If you plan to entertain often, consider convenience to the house and size.  If you just want an intimate spot to enjoy, you really don’t need a large space.

A patio with a table, chairs, and plants.
City patio (HGTV)
A table and chairs on a patio.
Convenience to the house is a top consideration when planning the patio (brickphonepicture.blogspot.com)


Raised areas and flower beds can turn an ordinary patio into something special.  Consider installing flower beds to add seasonal color.

A garden with a patio and flowerbeds.
Designing green areas within the patio adds interest and color (patiodesignpictures.com)

Raised areas or multi-level patios can be wonderful spots for entertaining.

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A backyard with a stone patio.
Raised areas, flower beds and use of different materials makes for an appealing patio space (simplepooltips.com)

Add water features and lighting for an even more dramatic space.

A fire pit on a patio.
Adding different levels and features such as water and light torches to the patio space can elevate the space (Pinterest)

Trellises and arbors can give you shade and natural beauty, as well as architectural interest.

A patio with a table and chairs.
A trellis gives this outdoor space charm and shelter from the sun (midcityeast.com)

If you have a sloping yard, play up the feature with a raised patio and nicely shaped stairs.

A patio with steps.
For a slightly sloping yard, a raised patio with rounded steps is graceful and appealing to the landscape (homestylediary.com)

For the modern home, a simple patio works well.  Place large paver stones or concrete blocks artistically in a bed of gravel.  Accent the space with a simple fire pit and chairs for the perfect spot to relax.

A backyard patio with a fire pit and chairs.
For the modern home, something simple is most appealing (patiodesign.info.com)

When you enjoy spending time outdoors, having a patio makes that time so much more.  Comfort, function and style of your private backyard space will reward you with years of enjoyment.


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