6 Adorable Uses For Mason Jars in Your Home Decor

Mason jars are shown in a collage.

Here are 6 adorable uses for mason jars in your home decor. Of course, we’ve talked before about how to use mason jars in rustic farmhouse decor. But there are so many ways to use them, that these are only a few!

Mason jars are so affordable and have so many uses. With a little creative thinking and a bit of craftiness, you, too, can decorate with mason jars.

Here’s a look:


Four mason jars filled with flowers.
Chalk painted mason jars hold white flowers for a casual look | Pinterest
A mantel decorated with a burlap wreath and mason jars filled with flowers.
Of course, you can up the elegance by pairing layering white mason jars into a white vignette over a fireplace. | etsy


Store your what-nots right out in the open. With cute mason jars, it’s a great way to conserve tight bathroom cabinet space.

Four mason jars with deer on them.
Indeed, mason jars fit perfectly in a rustic bathroom. | Pinterest
Mason jar soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.
On the other hand, a more contemporary bathroom can also jars to store soaps, lotions, and more!
A small mason jar of lotion with a ribbon tied around it.
Don’t feel like painting your jar? Just cut a paper circle and screw it between the lid and the band, add your lotion or scrub to the jar, and tie a simple raffia ribbon. | DIY Home Garden


Nothing could be more charming than these mason jar lights.

Four mason jar lights hanging on a wall.
Ditch the boring bathroom light globes. Add mason jars for a stylish look. | etsy
Mason jar pendant light.
On the other hand, mason jar pendant lights really can take center stage hanging above a kitchen island. | Nest of Bliss
Give shabby a chance! Well, at least shabby chic. This chandelier is a great piece. | diyjoy.com


Is there really any easier way to display plants than in a mason jar?

Two mason jars filled with succulents.
This succulent garden is perfectly sized for a larger mason jar. | hometalk
Four mason jars hanging on a wall.
Because of the weight of the dirt, these jars are mounted to a wood plaque and screwed into the wall. Saves space and displays the greenery. | Not Just A Housewife


Like the bathroom, you can never have too much storage in the kitchen. Keep it charming with mason jars!

Three mason jars with utensils on a counter.
Of course, kitchen tools should be kept close at hand. | Cynthia Rardhan
Five mason jars sit on a counter top.
You also can’t have too many canisters!
A mason jar filled with utensils.
Let your guests serve themselves. Set up a buffet at your next party with simple, clear mason jars holding the silverware | Mason Jar Lifestyle


Candles are an essential way to add warmth to your home.

Mason jars with candles and bread.
Or feel free to decorate your dining table with gentle candlelight. | Stylish Spoon
Mason jars hanging on a wooden fence.
Suspend mason jars from a metal dowel rod to save tabletop space. | A Matter of Style

Without a doubt, you either have a ton of jars or you have access to this resource. Add the simple charm of jars to your decor for a casual, inviting warmth.

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