Safety Measures to Protect your Gym Mirror from Damages

Broken gym mirror on the floor of a church.

A mirror can do so much for your gym – creating the illusion of space and propagating natural lighting to help you save money on electricity. For all this to happen, there’s a role you must play in maintaining the mirror for protection from damages. Below are some of the tips to take good care of your gym or activity mirror to preserve its beauty and prolong its life.

Gym Mirror Safety Measures

1. Clean the Mirror

Mirrors reflect light and beautify your gym, especially when the mirrors are cleaned regularly. I know you don’t want to hear it but a mirror is not going to continue to shine on its own. You have to put in some work. It could be weekly or bi-weekly, whichever works for you.

However, there is a technique for cleaning your mirrors and making them sparkle again. The safest way to clean mirrors is with warm water and a soft cloth. Why soft cloth? Because gritty clothing or materials could leave marks and scratches on your gym mirror. 

While cleaning mirrors, do not use acid, alkali, and abrasive cleaners on your mirrors or any cleaner that contains heavy ammonia bases. They usually leave your mirror ruined and damaged, often damaging the edges of your mirror.

The best way to clean your mirror is by applying the cleaner you want to use on a soft cloth (not directly on the mirror) and then wiping the mirror. Not cleaning your gym mirrors often results in damage to the mirrored parts and poor optical quality of the mirror.

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A woman cleaning a gym mirror with a mop.

2. Requires Proper Ventilation

This might shock you, but mirrors sweat. These shiny objects perspire too. Not like us humans, but sweating mirrors is not a good thing. So be sure your gym is adequately ventilated. When mirrors sweat, they create condensing liquids that could be corrosive and damaging.

3. Hanging with Care

Due to the vibrations often encountered in the gym that could make improperly hung mirrors to fall off, proper hanging is essential. Always install mirrors using monkey hooks for mirrors less than 35 pounds in weight or gorilla hooks for weights up to 50 pounds. When using either monkey hooks or gorilla hooks, push and twist the device to insert it into the wall. And using hooks causes minimal damage to the walls should you decide to remove the mirror. 

And if you prefer a subtler approach, then consider using a mirror tape. Mirror tapes support gym mirrors up to 10 pounds and do not require punching of holes in the walls. Using the proper wall hanger for your gym mirrors ensures that the mirror stays in place in any situation. If you need further details regarding gym mirrors and its installation care then visit our site

Take note always to leave air space behind mirrors when you hang them to provide proper ventilation. 

A man wearing a green shirt standing in front of a gym mirror.

4. Handle with Care

Exercise extra care when moving your mirrors. Perhaps you just got a new treadmill, and you’re looking to change the position of the mirror, do so with extreme caution to avoid scratches, breakages, and chipped edges. For safety purposes, wear gloves and protective clothing to prevent cuts and bruises. Or hire a professional to help.

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A man is standing in front of a gym mirror in a factory.

5. Keep Mirrors Dry

Do you have mirrors installed in the restroom of the gym? Then always keep them dry. Mirrors in places with high humidity are likely to become wet over time and thereby get damaged. Ensure yours are properly clean your mirror every day, and the edges cleaned to avoid damages to the mirror quality and the paint. 

A woman in yellow gloves cleaning a gym mirror.

6. Install Mirrors Away from Doors

When installing mirrors in the gym, place them far away from the door. Mirrors close to the door could be hit accidentally with the door and in the process, cause injuries to the person coming in or going out of the gym. You can see below the easy steps to install your gym mirror by proper care

Diy easy to install gym mirror kit.

7. Use Safety Film

A gym is almost a public place with people coming and going as they please. And in such a situation, safety is paramount. Among the things to be wary of are; the sharp edges of your gym mirrors and broken particles when your mirror shatters. While you cannot always suit circumstances to favor you, the use of safety films on your mirrors could help avoid accidents. 

Safety is the first and most crucial factor to consider in your day to day activities in the gym. 

Safety film is a transparent sheet usually plastered on the face of your mirrors to prevent the particles from falling off and causing injuries if your mirror breaks. When your mirror shatters, the particles remain together until you replace the mirror. 

Safety films plastered on gym mirrors control any extra force applied to it and make the mirror remain safe. The film is transparent and will not blur or reduce the mirror quality and is readily accessible in the market in different sizes according to your requirements. 

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Gym mirrors with safety backing.


After going through the points above, you have the major vital things for the safety of your gym mirrors. More than having a stylish mirror in your gym, it is also crucial that you have the best protection and maintenance techniques in place. Safety films are your best bet in securing and providing complete security to your gym mirrors. 

Hanging your mirrors, the right way is also very important. Mirrors are not made for hard impacts. So falling from the wall hook is probably going to shatter your gym mirror into a thousand pieces. But using proper hanging will help prevent it from falling off. With proper care and safety measures, you can extend the life of your gym mirrors. 

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