Tips for renting a commercial space in 2021

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If you are thinking of renting a commercial premise and starting a business in 2021, but you have not decided yet, know the reasons why doing so is a good idea and how to carry it out.

Although starting your own business involves certain risks, the benefits you can obtain by making this decision can be much greater if you analyse your options and have the necessary information to ensure the success of your small business. Tajarat properties just started from a small business and now you can see where have they reach.

One option that is quite viable is to rent a commercial space instead of buying one, since this implies a lower initial investment, location flexibility and other benefits that we will tell you about below. 

Why rent a commercial space to start a business?

  • Location flexibility
  • Lower initial investment cost
  • Lower level of responsibility with respect to the premises
  • Wide range of commercial premises

Location flexibility

Renting a commercial space instead of buying it, gives the possibility of changing location when necessary. If for some reason the area you chose to start your business is no longer to your liking, it did not give the results you expected or you simply find a better offer in terms of rental prices, you can relocate without strings attached.

Lower initial investment cost

To rent a commercial premise a lower initial investment is required compared to that necessary to buy a property of this type. Even if the purchase is made through a mortgage loan, a certain monthly amount would have to be allocated to the payment of said mortgage. 

The monthly rental price of commercial premises depends largely on its location, but also on its size and type of use that can be given to it. 

For example, for this year, 2021, the offer of commercial premises for rent in the Historic Centre of Mexico City offers premises located at street level with approximately 15 square meters for a monthly rental price of 17 thousand pesos.

Lower level of responsibility with respect to the premises

In most cases, the responsibility for the maintenance of the premises and its security are the responsibility of the owner, unless otherwise agreed in the lease. 

So, when renting a commercial space, you will only have to worry about keeping your business running and not about the remodelling or repairs that the place requires.

Wide range of commercial premises for rent

In Mexico there is a wide range of commercial premises for rent, so you can choose between several options to find the one that suits the line of business and your personal interests. 

This year, the offer of commercial premises has increased considerably, opening vacancies in commercial corridors of great popularity in Mexico City such as Masaryk, Madero or Altavista.

How to rent a commercial premise?

  • Explore the area of ​​your interest.
  • Define the line of business.
  • Compare options.
  • Oversees the preparation of the lease.
  • Notify the relevant authorities about the opening of the business.

Explore the area of ​​your interest.

Carrying out a preliminary exploration of the area in which you are interested in renting a commercial space and establishing your business will help you to know the needs of the market, the number of potential customers you can attract and the type of product or service that would be more profitable to offer. 

Consider the businesses that already exist in the area and those that are missing. Similarly, find a place that best suits the business you have in mind. The location of the premises can determine the success of your business. 

Define the line of business.

The first thing you must decide is what product or service will be the one you will offer, that way you can verify that the premises you are going to rent have the necessary land use permits according to the line of business. 

Something that you should take into account is that if your business is not a basic necessity, it could be subject to greater restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Compare options.

Before renting a commercial premise, compare the different price options and characteristics of the commercial premises offer. Help yourself with tools such as the internet to obtain information about it. 

Remember that there are portals that offer a wide range of premises for rent and allow you to compare options. Don’t make hasty decisions.

Oversees the preparation of the lease.

To rent a business premises, a lease must be made. This contract will be your support for any problem that may arise. It must be done in writing and preferably before a notary public. The data that the lease must contain are the following: 

  • Place and date on which the contract begins and a termination date that can be three months, one year or indeterminate according to the agreement.
  • Personal data of the landlord, tenant and a guarantor if required. Name, address and contact number of each must be specified. 
  • Property information such as address, description and commercial value of the premises.
  • Amount of rent to pay and deadline, that is, the amount to be paid monthly for the rent of the premises must be specified and the exact date on which the payment for each month must be paid.
  • Deposit amount: most tenants require that the amount corresponding to at least one month’s rent be paid as collateral. The contract must specify whether this amount will be returned at the end of the contract.
  • Use of the space must specify what type of activities can be carried out in the premises that have been rented considering the legal permits that said space has.

Notify the relevant authorities about the opening of the business.

To start making commercial use of any space, it is necessary to have an operating license or commercial registration that guarantees the legality of the business in the commercial line of your choice. 

In general, when renting a commercial premise, it already has some type of license, but it is necessary to verify it with the owner. In case of not having it, it will have to be processed at the Single Window of the corresponding mayor’s office. 

Operating without a permit can earn you a fine, the amount of which varies depending on the square footage of the business premises and the entity in which the offense was committed. 

Renting a commercial space to start a business has many advantages and with good planning you will have guaranteed success. If you are interested in learning a little more about financial advice, visit the blog, where you will find information that will help you improve your personal finances.

Real estate photography tips to sell your house faster.

Discover how to take photos of properties that are attractive and facilitate the sale of your home. 

The photos you show of your property are the main tool you have in the process of selling your house. These serve, mainly, to arouse the interest of any potential buyer. 

When a potential customer comes across your home for sale ad on the internet, the first thing they see is the photo. That is why it is important to know how to take photos of real estate to get the most out of them. 

Remember that it is not necessary to have the best camera on the market to make your real estate photography look like it was done by a professional. 

By following the advice that we give you below, you will learn how to take good photos in a simple way and with the tools you have at hand, to be able to sell your house faster. 

How to take the best photos of real estate?

  • Make sure the house is tidy.
  • Add decorative elements.
  • Take your photos horizontally.
  • Take advantage of natural lighting.
  • Take care of the details.
  • Do a test using different angles. 
  • Use photo editing apps.

Make sure the house is tidy.

Before starting the photo shoot, try to clean the entire house, especially if you are trying to sell a house that you are living in. 

Whether you are taking photos of the interior of the house or the facade, garden or patio, an aspect of great importance in real estate photography is that these spaces are clean and orderly. Otherwise, the house can convey the idea that it is old and neglected. 

The simple fact that there are no objects scattered on the floor will allow you to better appreciate the spaces that the house has and make them look more spacious.

Add decorative elements.

The real estate photography seeks to build a nice scene at the sight of the viewer allowing you imagine what it would be to live in that house. Help yourself with decorative elements to build a scene that makes the house look like a cozy home for sale. 

For example, you can use artificial plants to cover some areas that are neglected, or books and vases for bedrooms. Be careful not to overload your images with decorative elements as this could create a cluttered look or make spaces smaller.

Take your photos horizontally.

Placing the cell phone in landscape mode when taking a photograph is a very simple step that makes a big difference and, on the other hand, doing it vertically is a very common mistake when learning how to take photos of real estate. 

Positioning the cell phone horizontally when taking real estate photography allows covering a larger space than what we want to show. In addition, in this way, the dimensions of the image will be better adapted to the height and width requested in the platform you use to publish your ad. 

In platforms dedicated to the sale of real estate, it is generally requested that the image you want to highlight of your house for sale has measures of 1200 x 900 px. approximately.

Take advantage of natural lighting!

Make sure your photographs have adequate lighting that allows you to see all the details of the image. For outdoors, it is recommended that you plan in advance the real estate photography session that you will carry out, so that you choose a time of day in which the sun naturally illuminates the house, but without being excessive. 

For interiors, try to take advantage of the light that comes naturally through the windows. If there aren’t any, help yourself to the lamps or spotlights that the house has to illuminate the space to be photographed. Most of the time it is best to avoid using the flash to make the lighting in the photo look more natural. 

Take care of the details.

There are small details that can take a photo look less attractive, such as leaving the toilet seat open, showing stains on the walls, curtains or carpets, or people appearing in the photo. 

A detail that often goes unnoticed when taking real estate photographs are reflections on surfaces such as glass or mirrors and the shadows or silhouettes of bodies on the floor. Pay attention to these elements and prevent them from ruining your photography.

Do a test using different angles.

When taking real estate photography, look for the angle of the image to be as natural as possible, approaching what a person would see when they first enter the room that you are showing them. 

Try to take photos from above or below, to find the angle that allows you to appreciate the entire room and enhance those elements that you want to highlight in your photograph. 

For small spaces, it is advisable to face a corner, rather than showing a single wall. This will provide more space to the space, as well as being an excellent technique for rooms with very large windows, since it allows to highlight this attractiveness by avoiding annoying reflections that appear when photographing glass from the front.

Use photo editing apps.

Today there is a wide variety of mobile applications that facilitate photo editing by having filters and easy-to-use tools, many of which can be downloaded for free. Instagram is one of the social networks that allows you to easily apply filters and edit any photograph, you will surely be familiar with it. 

Other applications that may be useful to you are Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop express or Pixlr, available for iOS and Android operating systems. Take advantage of these applications to give a final touch-up to your photos if you consider it necessary.

Now that you know how to take the best photos of real estate, you just have to get to work. You will see that having attractive real estate photographs, it will be faster for you to sell your house. Have you visit Sky marketing ?   You may find different photography techniques.

Remember that we want to help you sell and buy what you need faster and at a better price, visit our blog for more tips.

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