Industrial Kitchen Designs

A white kitchen with a door leading to a patio.

If industrial is all you embrace in a cooking place, then a bringing in industrial kitchen designs to your space is a good place to start.

Industrial designs in kitchen blend wood beams, rails on walls, pipes, retro-like appliances and exposed architectural features to form a multifarious in-house cooking center.

Here are your ideas for an industrial cooking area.

Kitchen Industrial

1. Overhead storage in industrial

Overhead pan and utensil storage adds design and cooker-friendliness to a well-planned industrial cooking zone.

A stainless steel hood in an industrial kitchen design.

2. Commercial cooking ranges in industrial

Nothing makes your kitchen look more industrial than commercial-style cooking ranges. Strategic positioning is key in achieving what you want—an attention-grabbing design.

3d rendering of an industrial kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

3. Expose architectural features.

Feel free to expose your metallic, wooden or creative ceiling as part of your industrial style. Make sure it harmonizes well with your kitchen.

An industrial kitchen design with a table and chairs.

4. Height ceilings and coarse surfaces.

Height ceilings coupled with coarse surfaces shout “industrial.” Furthermore, it creates a bit of spaces even in small spaces.

A modern industrial kitchen with a wooden counter top.

5. Isolated unit (or island) in industrial.

Leaving an isolated unit or creating a free-standing island can also add looks and functionality to an industrial kitchen.

A large kitchen with a center island and stools, perfect for kitchen ideas.

6. Ultramordern in industrial.

You can also go ultramodern with your industrial. Try to blend the past, present and future, and see what comes out.

10 Industrial Kitchen Designs

7. Bare pipes in industrial.

Use this element of architecture to create the industrial impression. Make pipes part of your theme, storages and decorations.

Industrial kitchen with black table and chairs.

8. Retro in industrial.

Retro-like designs are a key element of industrial kitchens. If executed well, retro appliances and designs can help create a perfect industrial cooking zone.

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A small kitchen with a stove and oven.
White and black, retro kitchen has always been a good choice. The picture says it all, no?

9. Uncovered stone walls.

Bare or uncovered stone walls is a simple way to give your kitchen and industrial background and feeling.

An industrial style kitchen with wooden floors and a large window featured in 10 Industrial Kitchen Designs.

10. Floor-to-ceiling windows in industrial.

Door-length windows not only connects you to nature, but also creates perfect contrast between the outdoor and indoor. As a result, it makes your kitchen elements to stand out.

A beautiful living room with large windows.
Floor to ceiling windows enhance this room (freshome)


Which industrial kitchen designs swept you off your feet? Well, there are a hundred more ways to make this style work for you. However, these basics will do for a start.

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