7 Ways To Make Islands And Breakfast Bars Work In Small Kitchens

A modern kitchen with white cabinets and bar stools featuring a breakfast bar.

Adding a free-standing or island bar or breakfast bar to your kitchen design can be challenging—but that’s only if you don’t put your creative mind to work.

Space, budget, purpose, preferences, existing designs and many other constraints may threaten to limit your options for a bar. But this post will be a motivation that; nothing is impossible no matter your kitchen’s layout.

1. Negotiate a U or L turn.

U or L turns are a perfect and easy way to add a kitchen bar to you cooking zone. They are also work well for a kitchen with limited space.

A modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a breakfast bar.

2. Stick out a ledge from the wall.

Sometimes a simple protrusion (of a log of wood, metal, slab etc.) from the wall can form an excellent tea or breakfast bar. The space underneath the ledge can host the sits to leave corridor space when the bar is unoccupied.

A modern kitchen with white cabinets and a table, featuring a breakfast bar.

3. Recess into the wall.

Sacrifice some cabinet space and turn it into a kitchen bar. This is excellent for a galley kitchen with a squeezed corridor.

A kitchen with counter tops.

4. Reserve a table and stool bars.

If you don’t have room for constructing anything, reserving a table and stool bars that stand out in can do just fine. Place your bar strategically so it blends with your kitchen’s design and layout.

A white brick breakfast bar.

5. Take advantage of a partitioning wall.

If your kitchen layout includes a portioning wall that is hanging on one side then building a bar from it can add taste to your kitchens looks.

A small breakfast bar with two stools and a bottle of wine.

6. Install storage on the bar-top.

If cabinets and shelves are threatening to steal away your bar space, then you can have storages built into your bar counters.

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A white kitchen with a table and chairs featuring a breakfast bar.

7. Float a bar-top.

Add a floating bar-top as an extension to an existing countertop and slide accompanying chairs underneath. See how beautiful this breakfast bar looks.

A kitchen with a breakfast bar.

Size, layout and existing designs are no big deal when it comes to adding a bar to your kitchen. Which of these idea fits your kitchen best.

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